Passing Interest or Total Commitment

Which describes you when it comes to Day Trading?

Which describes you when it comes to Day Trading?


I saw the following motivational post today and it struck a real nerve with me, so I thought I would share it with the rest of you. How would you describe your interest in day trading? Do you simply have a passing interest, or are you totally committed 100%? When I say totally committed, I mean will you put in the time and the work that is required every single day, even on days when you had a bad trading day or days when you would rather be doing something more fun? For you personally, is it a passing interest or total commitment? Only you know the correct answer!

Remember, the real work does not start each day until after your trading day is over. Anyone can sit at the screen on a simulator and take trades for a few hours or even all day, but are you willing to put in another couple of hours afterwards studying those trades and your chart? That is what separates the winners from the losers in this game. To take that a step further, are you willing to make a total commitment for a year or maybe even two, three or four years if that’s what it takes?

After all, even five years of studying and sacrificing to learn to trade profitably is really nothing when you look at the rewards that come from success. This profession pays better than being a doctor or a lawyer, and those guys put in many years of study and schooling and then they have to put in even more years while they build their practice before the real rewards start to come to them. So yes, even five years is really a short commitment for the rewards that will come to a trader that learns to read a price chart like he does a first grade starter book!

Ask yourself if you are doing this as a passing interest or as a hobby? Does it seem like it would be fun or an easy way to make money? Do you really understand that day trading must become a boring job after many years of difficult and total commitment? Ask yourself those questions and think about them for a while before you answer.  In the end, you must decide if this is just a passing interest or total commitment for you?