Updated Group Rates With AMP Futures

I have been able to renegotiate our group rates with AMP Futures, and they are better than ever now!  Regardless of your account balance, we have a flat rate that is better than our original group rate by about .30 cents per RT.

If they are able to get NT to work out the historical data for the TT data provider, and if you have a lifetime NT license, the rate will be closer to $3.00 per RT if you switch to TT data.  If you are a member of our trading group, contact me and I will give you the necessary information to get the new rates.

If you have never used AMP, there is a location to sign up on our website for a free NinjaTrader simulator account using AMP with CQG data.  Just go to our website and look down the right hand side of most any page for the sign up section.

I do not receive any fees or payments for recommending AMP other than I get to benefit from the great group rates that they offer us.  There is power in numbers, so sign up now if you are not already using AMP.  I am more than pleased with their service and performance and the commission rates per RT are impressively competitive to say the least.

Thanks and good trades!


AMP Futures

AMP Futures