A Simple ES Scalping Strategy

NOTE: Many people are confusing this manual with our Price Action Manual where we teach you about second entries, two legged corrections, trends and ranges. The price action manual also teaches our scalping strategy, so do not confuse the two manuals. This manual is a short cut basically and will NOT teach you any of the basic price action skills you need to be a long term trader in changing markets. If you are looking for our price action manual, it is located here.

Having clarified that, if you are still interested, we have an easy scalping strategy that works well in the mini S&P, but will actually work in all markets. This technique is based on a price action pattern that we use, so it is a strategy to scalp the ES without having to learn price action. We recommend that you purchase our Price Action Trading Manual first and foremost, but if you want a good scalping strategy, without having a full understanding of price action, or if you just want a simple strategy for scalping a few ticks from the market, then this simple technique is as good as any other strategy.  The included software now works with both Version 7 and 8 of NinjaTrader. The software will not work with any other trading software though, so please make sure you understand that.

This system is based on scalping only a few ticks at a time, allowing you to enter and exit the market in only a few minutes at the very most. It has an high win percentage, and can be learned quickly by any level of trader, but understand that it won’t teach you to read the chart, so it is not fallible.  We like using this technique with multiple contracts, so that you take fewer trades, yet get the maximum dollar profit at the same time.

Again, understand that this is not price action trading, but simply a scalping technique based off of a price action pattern that works a high percentage of the time.  We have excellent results with this system! The cost for this strategy is only $79.99 and will pay for itself with your first profitable trade. This is a PDF e-book and will be shipped by e-mail after purchase.

Once you complete the purchase via PayPal, you will be immediately emailed a receipt with a download link where you can download your manual instantly.  The cost of the scalping manual is normally $89.99, but we have temporarily reduced the price by $10.00.

Important: You will receive a receipt with a download link after payment is complete.  If for any reason you are unable to download your manual after payment, do not panic.  Simply forward us an email and let us know and we will send you your manual directly by email.  We answer all emails within 24 hours or less!  All Sales are final.