If you have yet to become profitable as a day trader, or if you simply want to take your trading to the next level, then PATs price action trading manual explaining how to trade using nothing but pure “Price Action” is for you! PATs has taken their knowledge of price action and explained it in simple terms so that even the most inexperienced trader can understand the steps and details. If you don’t know or understand what price action trading is all about, you are missing out on one of the best trading techniques available when trading today’s tough markets. The techniques taught in this manual will work in any market, and on any time frame, so once you master it, you can use what you learn to trade in any market around the world.

Learn To Trade Forex With Price Action
Learn To Trade With Price Action

With our price action course, you will learn the importance of the trend and how to trade it, while also getting a full understanding of consolidation or trading ranges. Entering the market at the wrong time during a trend or consolidation is one of the leading causes of losses when trading. PATs details exactly how they set up their charts, enter a trade, and then how they manage their trades after entry, including the types of order’s they use for entry and exit. Most importantly, you will learn the language of the charts, so that you understand why prices are doing what they are doing, and what they are likely to do next. You will also learn to trade from clean charts that are free of the cluttering and confusing indicators that are actually built from lagging price action. Most losing traders believe that there is some magical formula or indicator that will tell you when to enter a trade in order to profit. This is simply not the case, and PATs has proven that simple can be better.

This price action manual will walk you through the exact steps that we use here at PATs to make money on a daily basis. Mack and many of his current students have a winning trade percentage of over 80% for 2022, and this manual will show you exactly how they achieve that winning percentage by walking you through the price action trading steps in simple and easy terms. If you have ever considered learning to trade pure price action, there has never been a better opportunity to learn from some of the best and at such a reasonable price. PATs price action manual is available for hundreds and even thousands of dollars less than what most trading classes/rooms will charge you for much less valuable information. If you have ever wondered about price action, now is your chance to find out why it is such a hot topic.

This manual will show you in exact details how we trade here at PAT$. Our price action trading course will teach you all of our special techniques and trading strategies that allow us to make money on eight of every ten trades that we take. One thing we have learned at PAT$ is that you can not cap your abilities when using price action. We continue to get better with more time and experience at the screen and you will too! If you want to see your trading statistics improve dramatically, then do not procrastinate, place your order today and become the next satisfied price action trader.

In addition to the manual, Mack records an ES chart lesson at the close of the market each day. This lesson shows the valid entries for the day and explains why they were valid using the techniques we teach. It’s like getting a free classroom lesson on the techniques that are taught in our price action manual.

Bonus # 1:  If you purchase our Price Action Trading Manual, we will throw in our Targets Manual for free.  This is a $30.00 value!

Bonus # 2:  By purchasing our price action trading manual, you will automatically gain access to our group commission rates and special margin rates.  We get day trader margins of $400 per contract and under $4.00 per RT in the ES.

Bonus # 3:  A $25.00 discount off of the “annual” member option when joining the Premium Member Section of our website!

The manuals are currently only available as a PDF file that is delivered electronically and instantly upon payment of $99.99 US Dollars.

Once you complete your purchase via PayPal, you will be immediately emailed a download link where you can download your manual instantly.

Important: If for any reason you do not receive the download links, do not panic. First, check your spam or junk folders, as google is particularly bad about sending good emails to the spam or junk folders. If you still do not find your download links within 10 minutes of purchase and you have checked your spam/junk folders, simply drop us an email and we will ensure you get your manual. We normally answer all emails within 24 hours or less.