Mack’s Price Action Trading Manuals.

Mack currently offers four different Price Action Trading Manuals in  PDF format here at the PATs Price Action Trading website.  You can find a link below to purchase each of these PDF manuals along with a brief description of what the strategy teaches.  Each of these Price Action Manual PDFs can be downloaded immediately after payment, so you can get started learning Mack’s top trading strategies today.  These manuals are sent to you in a PDF format and require a PDF reader in order to view them.  This reader comes standard on most Windows PCs today, but if you don’t have it, you can download a copy by clicking the provided button link. Download A Free PDF Viewer Here

Many people get confused as to what manual or manuals they really need in order to learn how to make money consistently when day trading.  Our suggestion is always, first and foremost, to start with Mack’s Price Action Trading manual that was written using Mack’s 20 plus years of day trading experience.  If you purchase the price action manual, you should not need the scalping manual, as most of those techniques are also included in the Price Action Course.

There are a few extra nuggets in the scalping manual that are not taught in the price action trading manual, but unless you really want only two basic scalping setups for the ES, you don’t need the ES Scalping Manual if you have already purchased the Price Action Manual.


  • PATs Price Action Trading Manual – Mack’s premier day trading manual for learning price action trading techniques.  This single manual, in PDF format, will teach you everything you need to know in order to learn how to read a price chart.  Regardless of what they call it, most profitable traders are using price action.  They know and understand prices and they can read the chart and know what it’s telling them.  This is nothing more than reading the price action, which is very similar to what the old timers referred to as “reading the tape,” as it was called in the old days before charting was readily available. Get An Authentic Copy of Mack's Price Action Trading Manual Today!

  • The “Envelope Trading Strategy” – Break the losing habit of buying high and selling low.  Learn how to sell high and buy low.  This is a beginners strategy that will help new traders break the hardest losing habit, which is buying high and selling low.  Common sense tells us to buy when the market is going higher, and to sell when the market is rushing lower, but this strategy will put you in a losing trade the majority of the time.  Find out why and how to break the losing problem today! Get Your Copy of "The Envelope Strategy" Now!

  • Finding Targets – Learn how to find price targets like a pro.  Easy to use techniques that are very powerful!  This technique is so easy that you will be shocked that you never heard about it before.  We use it every day in our trading and the first time you use it, you will probably more than pay for the cost of the manual. Get Your Copy of "Finding Price Targets" Today!

  • A Simple ES Scalping Technique – This technique will teach you a VERY simple ES scalping technique that works and works well.  It is loosely based on few price action trading techniques that were developed by Mack. Anyone that lack’s the ability to  read a price action chart, which takes time and practice, can benefit from this strategy.  If you already have the Price Action Manual, you do not necessarily need the scalping manual. Get Your Copy of a "Simple Scalping Technque" Today!