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Good Morning Mack, I just wanted thank you for the great insights into trading. I’ve traded now for 7 years and this week was by far the best week I’ve had. Not so much the amount of money but the ease of which to trade the market. Starting Tuesday 4 scalps $200, Wed off, Thur 1 trade 5 points $250, done by 10:00, Fri 1 trade 10 Points $500, done by 9:00.

The best part is I feel I can like I can repeat the performance. If I ever get to Mississippi, dinner is on me.   SS
Hi Mack,

I just completed my first month of real trading (i.e., not sim) using PATs (with order flow to refine trade management just a bit).
The attached cash equity curve thus represents real net (post-commission and fees) results (absolutely no sims included).
Flat days = didn’t trade at all that day
I’ve just started taking runners (I wanted to master the scalp part first)… so this is almost all just from scalps.  Imagine w/ runners! lol
All I can say is: THANKS MACK!





Normally I send you emails asking questions, but this email is purely a testimonial to how the system works!  It’s really been “clicking” for me lately, and seeing your mid-day chart today just confirmed that I’m getting better at this!  I wanted to share my chart with you, because I think it looks pretty identical to yours, and that makes me very happy!!  I left the markers on there showing my two PROFITABLE scalps.  My first trade I actually had my mid-line a little higher as the top of the channel, and I was also looking for a 2-leg move to a new low after breaking out of the pre-market channel down.  The second trade I had the bigger channel drawn in, and also was thinking it could be a range.  But when I got 4-5 bars that couldn’t go higher than 1890.75, I dropped in a limit order and watched it easily hit my target.  Between the 2 trades, I was “in the market” for less than 5 minutes total.  What could be easier than that?!
Thanks again for all your guidance!


Have to be honest, for about a year I thought you were total fake and about  a year and a half I started doubting myself after two years I knew I was wrong and know you’re not a fake. Did not give up  🙂 thanks!



Hi Mack,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you.  I have been watching your youtube channel for about 5 months joined your membership to watch the training.  One thing stuck with me the other day you stated don’t take a trade unless it clear.   I wanted to send you this just to show you what you  have taught me.  I was a looser before learning price action sim or live most of the time.  Now I win most of the time if I follow the rules.  I hope to go live in the next week or 2.   This month 26 trades 73%.



Dear Mr. Mack,
I have watched your Youtube videos for more than a month. I must say that I truly thanks for what you do. My trading improves everyday. It gets better and better. I used to stick myself to indicators including Stochastics, ADX, chart patterns and Elliot wave (which I find impossible to employ to the market). I am very frustrated at using those indicators.They might work this time, some other time they just don’t. I come across your channel on Youtube and follow it. You interpret the market in a manner that “seems” to be so simple, so I subscribe your channel to see how it goes. I really don’t understand what you said at first. I keep watching the videos over and over until I get it because I am very obsessed with the things I don’t understand. Thanks to you, now I can read price action. You help me to realize market does not move randomly. In fact, it goes the way that is likely to predict. I am able to see where the market possibly go without any fancy indicators except the EMA.
Here are the trades I found yesterday and today. I watched and marked them on my live account.  There was one losing trade that I took and I learn from that mistake. After the day, I watch your trades on Youtube to see how I perceive the market like you do. I guess I am making good progress thanks to your dedication. I deeply appreciate your work.
Happy trading, Mr. Mack!

Absolutely, the most important thing is that rather than just teaching me to trade, you have given me a whole new purpose in life. I enjoy the mental challenge of trading enormously and although I’m not under any financial pressure to be hugely successful, I have always been a very determined individual. The prospect of a nice meal out is a great motivator though! My wife has noticed a big change in me with trading giving me a great focus again. I have tried to explain to her what we do, but she just doesn’t get it. She is very happy to leave me to it and keep me topped up with coffee!

I really am very grateful to you for what you do and it is hard to put this into words. What really matters is you are giving the people that want it, the ticket to a whole new lifestyle and in my case a whole new purpose in life, which is truly a gift.

Thank you once again Mack, you have not only taught me to trade successfully, you have changed my life.

I hope that you have a wonderful vacation in Brazil

Very best wishes




 Thanks for another great video

Also I wanted to say thanks for all your help, its making a real and noticeable difference in my trading.

Last 5 days (sim) I have reached target 3 times – one time had to pull out early in the session and didn’t get back to trading but made 70% of target that particular day.

 All of a sudden everything is crystal clear and working and I am so pleased with how each trade goes exactly where it should do, I should mention any losses I take I am finding most would have worked well but frequently I am stopped out due to stop tightening because I perceive conditions might be tricky – or the occasional bad read.

 Hope you have a good break

 Best regards



I know you are on vacation in Brazil, but I wanted to thank you for all you do.
I have been trading for four months now, and it finally seems like everything has clicked.  I am beginning to understand why the market does what it does and understand where it is going and why.  The guess work is gone  Using measured moves I was able to predict market location up to 4 legs in advance this week.  I have had a few days this week where I scalped nearly 10 pts a day on the simulator on mainly singles but some doubles.
All in all, I am very happy that I get it and it would have never have happened without you and your dedication.  I know it is something that you don’t have to do, so thank you for being selfless and helping others.
I hope your trip has been amazing!
Hey Mack,

Thanks for today’s chart lesson.
I’ve just had a perfect trading day with no losses. Your methods work and I just wanted tell you that. Amazing the service you offer upfront with generosity and I know hearing from members that exact thing is why you keep doing what you do. So keep it up, you guys are offering a gold mine of knowledge and no gimmick. I’m just glad I found your name while doing research.
You played a big role in this life changing moment of working towards the dream of full time trading.
Thanks again,
Hi Mack, my chart was very similar to yours! 1.5 years in sim (and 20+ years as a professional money manager and technical analyst) and it is becoming more clear. 3 winners and done for the day. The best part that is coming easier each day is “when in doubt, stay out.” Thanks for all you do, SG
Hey Mack,
Just wanted to let you know that I hit my goal of 3 points today!  I had originally planned to start live trading last January. But because of family illness and death, and everything that goes along with the Family Estate aftermath, I wasn’t able to focus on trading.  I continued to study every evening and as soon as I was ready to go live, they changed my work hours from late afternoons to mornings.  So again, I couldn’t trade.  But I continued to study and review daily.
Anyway, I took today off and traded live.  Hit my goal in 20 minutes!  Wanted to continue trading, but didn’t want to get greedy and lose it.  Just wanted to thank you for teaching me and all your other students how to profitably trade.  Now I know that I don’t have to worry ever getting laid off again.
Also, like you Mack, I live in an SEC town.  I live in Columbia, SC, and my Condo is about 100 yards from Williams-Brice Stadium.  I’ve included a picture from from my balcony.
Take care Mack.   And thanks again for everything!!

I am very fortunate to have discovered you a little over a year ago, and wanted to 
take a moment to let you know what a deep felt appreciation I have for ALL that you
 do for us, as a result of your true love for trading AND teaching!

Thank you for:

-  First and foremost your HONESTY, when it comes to what it takes to be a 
consistent successful day trader.

-  Pursuing your dreams 15+ years ago that it is indeed possible for a "little guy" 
to be able to compete & make a good living in the same arena of trading as with the big institutions!

-  Your manuals, website, articles and daily YouTube review are a true treasure trove
 of information, to anyone who is serious about becoming a full time professional day trader!

-  Even with ALL of the information at our fingertips, You have ALWAYS been there to 
quickly answer questions that any one of us might have!

I know that you have "your own reasons" for why you do ALL of this, while asking so l
ittle in return.  I am forever grateful and indebted to you!  

I am EVEN MORE confident today then I was a year ago!  Because of what I have and 
will continue to learn from you, while exercising patience & discipline in my trading, that I will be able to achieve everything that I hope for as a trader!

Dear Mack,

I have learned so much from you, not only about the art of trading but also about 
being a wise and friendly humam being. Because that is what you are...You have 
become a real importaqnt part of my life....I have watched all your videos so I 
have got to know you quite well. It sounds a little bit silly but I can honestly 
say that I have started to love you as a person....we probably will never meet, 
but I can tell you that you are one of the few people in my life who really made a 
difference in my life...
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me...
with the warmest regards,
I had to drop you this email real quick. Just to let you know after following you f
or 2 years it amazes me that I pull up your video at the end of the day & my 
trades are right on with yours! Through the day I say to myself "what would Mack 
do on this entry" & now I'd say 90% of the time I see it how you see it. After all 
the hard work I have put in & still put in I feel as of the last several months I 
really get it! So all those times you told me "With experience you'll know what 
I'm talking about" I get why you told me that because it's so true! It just goes 
to show that you can't give up. Because even when I was so frustrated cause I 
didn't "get it" in the end it all works out because you do get it if you stick 
with it! I just wanted to share that with you because it's uplifting to me as I 
think it would be for you too since you teach all of us. Have a good evening.


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I love being done and profitable by 10 AM!
Winners 4
Losers 0
Hi Mack – i just thought i’d send through my chart through with what i saw today. My trading is going well and my breakthrough came not only from studying my previous day’s trades in depth but realising
that by waiting til about half an hour after the opening, when there is usually a significant amount of price action, i was confident what type of day was shaping up.
Thank you for all your amazing support, calm teaching method and profitable trading technique.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life!
 – KM
Hi Mack, wow, I'm so impressed with all the info on the web sites. I went through 
all the free content on your web sites next I will go through the premium content. 
What you are doing is giving me and a lot of people hope after being in in the dark
for two years. Although I have not lost a whole lot of money, I did waste money on 
trading gurus on their strategies and systems. I'm ready to give up all that and 
buckle down to learn price action regardless of how long it will takes. 
Thank you for doing what you are doing. We need more people like in the trading 
community. I'm glad I've found you!

Just wanted to drop an email to say thank you. I've been using your methods since May. My results have been very encouraging. Since June 15th I have been trading real money, one contract with a 86% win percentage. 

In your experience with the ES, what's the most contracts one could trade effectively without slippage and adequate volume?


Hi Mack
After your responses to my questions last week, I realized I was not spending enough time studying my charts. So, I completely changed the plan:
  • From: ‘6 hours sim-trading’ and ‘30 minutes daily chart lesson’
  • To: ‘Just 3-4 hours sim-trading’, and rest all the hours studying my charts & watching the daily chart lessons. I also now mark all the possible setups prior to your video and then see what I missed.
And I can’t tell you how much benefit I have had with this changed strategy within the last 2-3 days. I have had more light bulb moments in last few days than last several weeks.
Its also given me much more confidence to stay in trades that I believe in; rather than quickly reversing or cancelling or closing before the scalp.
I have also switched to scalp only as I realized runners were giving me a baised view – sometimes too positive and sometimes too negative. % Scalp wins is giving me a much more solid view of my basic understanding.
And here’s the result today – 6 clean scalps in 3 hours. Really happy with the progress!
Thanks again
Hi Mack,
I’ve been following you since February of this year.  Like many others, after partially reading your manual I thought I could trade like you the very next day.  I quickly found out I was wrong.
After losing some money, I switched to SIM only, trading live data and replay as well.  I’ve been doing that for almost 6 months.
Lately, I feel like I’m really getting it.  Today I got 4 scalps and no losers.  I was watching the big down channel and noticed the move seemed to be losing steam.  In the blue circled area there was a 2nd entry short with a very nice bearish setup bar.  However, shortly after entering short I realized what was going on.  Prices were making higher highs and higher lows and I felt very confident that we were going to see a reversal.  I exited my short for a 1 tick loss and went long instead.  That beautiful second entry short turned out to be a trap which I’m sure fooled a lot of traders.  I took an extra large 6-tick scalp.
I just wanted to let you know that I feel like I’m really getting this and to thank you again for teaching me.
Warm regards,
Just wanted to drop an email to you to say thank you for all that you do. I have been trading the ES for over 5 years with little or no success until I found you. I joined in May and the results have been very promising.
I began studying your methods in May and decided to go from SIM to cash June 1st. I know this may seem like a fast transition but with some experience in chart reading, I took the plunge.
Happy to report since June 1st I have been 78% winners on my trades only taking the 4 tick scalp with no runners.
As I have watched all your nightly videos, I began to understand that I was missing something a little more powerful, the measured move. So I went back through all my live cash trading to see if this would be a more profitable approach. The findings were astounding. I was able to hit the measure moved on 50% of my trades with a 2:1 risk to reward ratio in my favor. Mind you, I am new to your methods so I have made some mistake trades along the way but all trades were accounted for. Good or bad. So I also believe my win percentage will go up further with time and experience. The result of this trading, was that I basically was able to double my bottom line if not more with the same amount of trading.
So going forward, I am using the measure moved as my target. All in, all out. No taking 4 ticks and having runners work. Just taking the whole trade.
I have enclosed my chart from today.
Please fell free to share with your students.
Thank you
Hey Mack,

Just wanted to share.. I’ve had my first ever profitable month this August, and it’s all thanks to your EXCELLENT teachings and system. I still consider it a fragile business for me so I don’t want to get over excited… In my previous attempts at live trading, I used to give back all of my hard earned profits in a few “bad” days – and more, much more (it’s not a pleasant feeling, at all). Thus, I’m trying not to over-trade, and aiming for just 1 point of profit a day. Just to get to the state of consistent profitability. It seems to be working. Failed 2nd entries after a break and a new extreme, at a key entry point, will give you that scalp, at about 90% of the time (if not more).
On my small account, I was able to generate 32% this month, which is unbelievable for me. I will keep it small and grow gradually, there’s no hurry. I’m doing it part-time, because of my day job (i live in Israel, so the US market is active on the afternoons here).
Thanks Mack!!!!! You’re the MAN! 

I just purchased your manuals on Friday and studied over the weekend.

I was able to get in on the 3rd and 5th trade with runners, I can’t trade all morning but was extremely happy with those two trades.

I have been from failed strategy to failed strategy for years and I almost can’t believe how simple this is, it’s like a light went off or something.

My learning curve for this is not so bad as I have been looking at charts for quite awhile but you have helped me to bring all the pieces together so it makes sense.

I’ve got plenty of practicing to do but for the first time I really believe I am going to be successful at trading.

Also, your videos are much appreciated! I have gone all the way back and looked at some of your earlier videos and they are very helpful.

Thank you very much!



 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you do for the trading community! I am sure, at least I hope, that you are aware of the impact you have on so many people.

I started the year out with little confidence in my trading abilities, was using a gazillion indicators (at least what seemed like a gazillion), having little to no success.

 I stumbled across your website while in search of information about “price action”, after a so-called guru mentioned it in passing. So did some research on it and discovered you and Al Brooks, both highly recommended.

I started with your training and it has done wonders for me! I have the confidence after several months of demo trading, going live at one point (blowing the account one time due to “revenge” trading). However overall I can honestly say my trading has improved significantly! I still have days where I don’t do so well, but I have been 100% demo for the last 4 months, and I have seen the difference in my trading!

I owe a huge part of that to you, for your excellent training, your mid-day recaps both in the members area, and on YouTube. All have been tremendously helpful.

 I wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” because I was at the end of my rope! I recently left my job and am starting my own business. While trading is not my only source of income, I am more confident in my ability to make “$100 a day” than ever before, and I have been able to do that consistently on demo during that 4 months of demo trading!

 I will be going live here shortly and have a realistic goal of $100 a day (as you say that’s $24K a year if you trade all available 240 days, which is more than some people currently make!)! I take what the market gives, and read what the market is saying, nothing more nothing less!

 Thank you again!

I look forward to providing you an update on my journey and my success!

 Happy Holidays!


I have wanted to reach out to you for several years,I stayed silent and followed your education.
I have been quietly following you since 2010 when you would email me charts for review every night.
I started trading in 2007 with a small account.
2008 the market destroyed me and any confidence I had in trading. I went down the same road
that everyone follows to finally give up. I did not and tried everything and lost all several times.
I stopped trading and continued to educate myself. I realized that if I was going to be a trader
I needed a mentor. Then I found you. I purchased your manual and have been studying your charts every night for 5 years.
I have been profitable in the demo now for a year.
HI Mack, I am a slow reader, and your book is common sense, which I lack, so I took a few of your first 40 pages to task, made some good coin on practice trading.
merry Christmas my friend…. when I make good, I will send you what your course is really worth…. not the BS that I spent thousands on.
appreciate your help, and mentoring.
Hey Mack…..
what can I say…all wrapped with 13.25 points.  NOW..its beginning to make sense how predictable price action can be at times.
The rules are spot on and all it takes is the patience to wait for it all to play out!!!!.. the executed trades are marked with a percentage and points taken, the other trades are noted but did not take as they did not fit my rules…..good stuff Mack….could not have done this without your help, support and guidance….2 solid years worth of chart study is paying off!!!


Hey Mack, just wanted to say Thank you for posting your videos online they have helped me a lot because they help me to see what the manual is say and putting it into action. I noticed in some of your videos that I never paid attention to until recently and the past couple of days I have been making 1100 a day following your rules with just 2 contract with no doubling down or any think like that and I do trade to the close though but its been a vast improvement. I can see myself quitting my job soon and trading full time now.




Hi Mack!

My name is F***** P*****i and  I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for the work you are doing.

Currently I am working on our farm family business in Argentina. I first started to become interested in trading, when I realized that survival in farming had not only to do with achieving high yields, but moreover with marketing the grain as best as possible. So a few years ago I started my quest to find a logic behind the jungle called markets. In the past 5 years I read a lot of books, tried different aproaches and traded our grain at the local Buenos Aires exchange (MATBA) with more or less success. I also traded classical chart patterns on a simulator for one year. Now I am trying to slowly become an independent trader and trade for a living together with my brother.

Since I was born in Germany, I also read some books of german traders Erdal Cene and Michael Voigt, who have a kind of similar aproach to price action called Markttechnik (market technique). They explain you the basic framework of the market and how market participants act at certain points, e.g: new highs.  Based on this I finally arrived to price action. Then my brother Gustavo discovered your website and bought your manual. Shortly after I bought the manual to. I have to sincerly commend you on all your hard work. You have the ability to explain things in a clear and straightforward manner. To make complicated things easier to understand. Thank you very much! We really apreciate it, because out there in the internet you have to filter out so much scams or just information that might be true, but not really usefull and aplicable to day to day trading. With your teaching you focus on what really matters and with the you tube video lessons one can feel as if there was a capable teacher guiding one trough the process! We feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website and video lessons!

By the way you manage your website and conduct your work, one can really tell that you are good person trying to really help others instead of just wanting to make money. This is becoming a rare trait nowadays and probably has also to do with you being a person that respects the bible, which I do to.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Maybe sometime you can come with your family and visit us in Argentina!

Kind Regards,



I know you probably get this all the time, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. What you've done has positively impacted the lives of so many to an extent that is beyond comprehension. It truly amazes me how God has used you to be a blessing to others, and I'm so grateful to you and him because of it. 
Thanks again for everything



I bought your manual about 1 1/2 yrs ago and have been studying it and your price action videos ever since.  Just want to let you know it’s finally soaking in.  I have now made 24 winning trades in a row, a new record for me!!  Some things that I believe make the biggest difference for me are:

1. Don’t over trade.  I wait for the best set-ups.  Be patient, as you say.
2. Don’t try to pick highs/lows.  Very low % wins trying to do that.
3. Trade what I see happen on the chart, not what i think price should do.
4. When in doubt, just drop the mouse.  Another trade will come along.
5. Always draw short-term trendlines.  They are the key to see what is going on. (this should probably be #1 on the list)  .
It’s hard to believe sometimes how much my trading has improved in just the last month or so. Things just seem to click!   I work hard at this every day and am really pleased it’s starting to pay off more and more. I owe you a huge thanks for what you do for people like me that are trying very hard to become a consistent, successful trader.I am still learning new things every day, and plan to get better as I go.
Thanks again


For what it is worth, I really want to thank you. I have had some break through since the second entry move finally got into my head.  After the third time through the PAT manual…six months watching your videos…6-10hours a day in charts…it is just starting to click. I have been unemployed for two years after a 27 + year career as an executive. It has been pretty scary. But, between the Lord, a friend that has traded for years, and your instruction, I paid my bills this week. It is restoring hope. I cannot adequately express what your service has meant to me….and my wife who was thrilled when I paid some bills.

 I am sure you could be doing better things with your time. Your unselfish outreach to beginners like me is like a ministry. God bless you!

 All my best.


Hi Mack! Just wanted to let you know that my login works fine…
By way of update… it’s now been about 15 months since I’ve been studying and learning your methods. It’s finally starting to come together! A critical turning point for me was taking seriously the advice on how important it is to study the daily charts. Previously, I would do my sim trading then watch your daily chart review once or twice. A few months ago I took this a step further… I print out screen shots of the day’s trading then go bar by bar, taking copious notes on the print-out while listening and often pausing the video. It takes a couple of hours doing it this way but has helped enormously… I find that this way I don’t just focus on the good (circled) set-ups but also concentrate on trades that one shouldn’t take even if they happened to work out.
Anyway, thank you so much again for everything you do!
All the best
Hey Mack,

It's been a while since I last wrote you but the truth is I am a little embarrassed
that I am not as far as I should be in my trading. The good news is I have not 
given up. I'm not where I like to be but at least I'm not where I used to be. 
Anyway, I recently joined the premium section of PATs and would like to thank you 
personally for making such a wealth of knowledge available for such a low price. 
For years I didn't think I needed the mid-day chart because I am so "advanced".lol 
Now, the mid-day chart and website is a part of my everyday study. I read the 
articles and watch the videos with a better understanding now then I ever had 
before. My trading has improved greatly since I joined the membership. I know you 
don't push the premium but if traders are serious about becoming a profitable 
trader the premium section is a must. 

Thanks Again for all that you do!


Hey Mack,

I just wanted to let you know I have had my best week trading live using Price Action and PATS methodology.

I still have a lot of improvement to but it is great to be seeing the market clearly and having confidence in my abilities.

It is hard to explain but it is a bit like a light has gone on in the last few weeks. I see setups in advance, I know exactly where and how I will be entering, the discipline to be patient but then the confidence to place orders quickly. If I miss a trade now I just shrug my shoulders and move onto the next

I had been over managing my trades and moving stops so I watched your video again. For  a few trades I got up and walked away so I couldn’t move my stop and now I just leave alone until the runner is well on its way. 

I am the wrong side of 50, a very logical thinker and averse to taking risk so I probably have a lot of challenges trading, but through hard work, following PATS rules, changing my thinking and a lot of time studying charts I am eradicating doubts and developing my self confidence, belief and experiencing regular success.

I have no doubt a lot of the credit is due to  your willingness to share your experience and knowledge so again I offer my thanks.

We are having one of the best Snow seasons for years here in Australia so I am having a short break as reward for all the hard work.

Have a great weekend!




Just wanted to wish you and your family happy holidays.  Thanks for all of your hard work. I am still in sim but feel as though I am finally starting to understand a bit more about price action.  The premium section of the site has been very helpful.

Thanks again,



Thanks Mack, I’ve been perusing your website and YouTube channel and have to give you kudos for the fine work in which you share!




Hey Mack,

I would like to thank you for what you are doing. I really appreciate all the video and the Web site. I have bought your book and I’m a Premium member.  I have improved my trading since I use your technic. Its unbeliveble how I can read the market now. I trade since 5 years and for the first time I was able to explain to my wife my entry point.  It was like I was reading a book. I feel so confident since I use your technic as well. I use a 6E and the ES on a tick chart. It works like a charm.

You are really a great guy.



Hi Mack,

I am writing to thank you for your daily postings, I’m not in a position to buy your premium content just yet, but your daily posts have helped me enormously through an incredibly difficult year and I am now staring down the barrel of consistent trading.

Thank you. Kindest



Hi Mack,

I was just looking through some of your older articles in the non-member section, I never realized that there were so many past articles, good stuff. A couple ideas I came across for the member section might be a talk about resting orders and supply and demand. I read those articles and found them informative.



My trading has really picked up lately, thanks to your videos, so I’m very grateful.

God Bless,



I can’t thank you enough Mack and just know that your work has been a turning point for me and has changed my life forever.  I can only hope to pay it forward someday.  What that looks like for me, I don’t know, but I have every intention of paying this forward.

Thanks Mack



Hi Mack –

I know you catch some grief from the whiners, non-believers , and losers.   So, I’m hoping to even the score for you (at least a little bit).   I bought the manual a month or two ago, been watching all the videos, studying my charts, and sim trading.   I’ve made four or five attempts at trading over the last 20 years — no success.   I had the typical runs of success, but zero consistency.   I made some advancement by studying price action from a forum on Elite Trader.   It helped but there were still missing pieces of the puzzle.    I actually gave up about two years ago.  Threw in the towel.

So, sorry this is so long, but I finally feel like I’m going to make it.   I’m only sim trading, but it feels completely different.  Still sloppy on some days, but I’m waiting and getting ahead of the trades.  I’m seeing the market structure and waiting for price to move to “my area” and waiting a good set-up.  Best of all — I’m passing on set-ups that a little “off”.

In closing, I can’t speak for everyone, but you have made a huge difference to me.   On days that some jerk decides to take a couple shots at you, do me favor and remember that I’m out here too.

Thank you!



Hi Mack,

I’ve been following you on YouTube for a good part of the last year. I am sorry to say that I never bought your manual. I’ve been making progress steadily by following your rules for the last year. As of last 3 months, I’ve gained significant progress in being consistently profitable. Just want to express my deepest appreciation for all you do. I just bought the premium membership and can’t wait to dive in. Thank you again. I’ve abandon all my other trading methodologies (most selling options to gain decay). Day trading the ES is much more compatible with my personality, no overnight risk exposure like shorting option premium. I don’t have to sleep with my laptop next to me and checking overnight future’s action 🙂

Best Regards, J



Hi Mack,

I just thought I’d let you know I find your daily chart lessons extremely helpful! You have found a way to remove much of the subjectivity out of explaining price action. You are the only person I have heard publicly do this. Thanks and keep up the good work as long as you can. It’s extremely helpful.




Mac, this if the first time I have written to you about my grandson’s actual trading but he has had days like this before. This is no fluke, I can assure you and he is putting the heat on grandpa to turn him lose over summer vacation. Hmm, still mulling that one over. But, you never saw a calmer trader in your life. He is like Tiger Woods with a golf club. This kid has ice in his veins and I believe he is going to be one of the greatest traders I have ever known, if he sticks with it.

He says it like a video game to him and I say hold on there partner this is no game, that is grandpa’s and grandma’s money at risk. I share this because of my respect for the tireless work you do on the behalf of so many. I also feel that you and your work are under-appreciated by the people who follow you and I wanted you to know how much my family appreciates everything you do.  For those naysayers, who doubt you and your work, feel free to say you know a 13 year old who has taken to this like a duck to water. My best to you and your family.



Hey Mack,

I will you give you a break after this email, I am excited how it all  is coming together in a coherent manner. Today I normally would have been chopped up but patience and discipline and your teachings have proven invaluable. I was not quite as on the short side as I should have been but I spotted the trades and deemed them risky as the entry was so close to the existing low and a couple of those trades were not ideal. I had already made two solid trades so I waited again for a set up. I did not pick bottoms or tops just sat and waited for whatever opportunity was presented. You can see my last trade, a failed second entry short after a second trend line break and strong buying off the low. Trade executed, symmetry target acquired and eventually hit. I love it..this stuff works!!!!!  thanks Mack. Okay I promise no more emails for a bit…


Hi Mack

Just a big thanks again for  the manual and sharing all your trading wisdom and experience in the videos, I still have a way to go but feel that I am really progressing, still on the sim though. I am a South African Paramedic and work away from home for 4 weeks at a time followed by 4 weeks at home, giving me lots of time to practice trading. Anyway just for your interest ( I know you don’t need but here is my summary of PATS attached, going to get it laminated in A3 and put it up on my trading pin board.

Thanks Mack!

I’m very impressed with your customer service & that you provide a trading video in length each day. It’s wonderful you’re helping so many.
Continued success!


Just some feedback I’m sure you have heard before. I have been spending a lot of time this year with XXXXX XXXX and his (unnamed strategy).  NOTE: Name and strategy deleted for for privacy reasons by PATs.

I love the macro view that the profile provides but in my opinion it is severely lacking in the lower level execution detail, especially for someone who is far more comfortable with scalping / short-term trading.

The simplicity of your approach ties in some of the best trading concepts I have seen from some very talented PA traders.

There is no way you are getting rich spending all this time helping others become better traders. Add me to the list of people who appreciates that you have and continue to take your personal time to enrich the lives of others.


Hi Mack,
I just watched your video from 9/19/2013. I just wanted to say thank you. I wrote you a couple months back when I was going through a second reading of your manual. ……I’m learning how important discipline is, and having no bias in the market, just reading price action. But thanks to you, I can see progress. It’s awesome, Mack. Funny to think back when I just couldn’t wrap my head around what the heck a second entry was. I love it. I love trading and challenging myself to get better. So, thanks, Mack! You’re the man. My wife thinks your part of the family because she hears your voice so often.
All the best!

BR ————————————– I purchased your PATs manual about 2 1/2 years ago. I can honestly say that I spend time everyday either reading the manual, reviewing your videos on you tube, or reading articles on your website. That is in addition to sim/live trading (which has not been easy to do considering my occupation). I said that to say keep on doing what you are doing. I am one who certainly appreciates your efforts and have learned tremendously from them. The best advise that you ever gave was if you don’t understand what is going on stay out of the market or trade on the simulator. GM ———————————————— Hey Mack,

I have a confession to make, I have read all the books on trading i can lay my hands on, watched numerous videos of any thing and everything related to trading, read numerous amount of books on chart patterns, indicators and even some weird stuff related to price prediction through astrology, sun and moon alignment (imagine) :), some books are actually good but then how do you apply it to live trading? Now combine all that stuff and even that is not anywhere near to any of your videos, your videos are the gold mine of information for anybody who wants to learn price action.  The only reason i am saying so is because I am MAKING MONEY through what you have been teaching. Every time I watch your videos, I pick up something and apply it on my trading. GREAT STUFF thanks a lot for doing this once again.

SA ————————————— Dear Mack, I was introduced to by a fellow trader almost a year ago. This friend is an extremely successful trader. He told me that the turning point for him in his trading was when he was introduced to your website and nightly training videos. I ordered your Price Action Trading Manual and began studying, studying, studying. I have poured over charts until my eyes have bugged out. I have traded every day using a simulator for  the past 4 months. I have reviewed my trades and kept a trade journal to help me learn from my mistakes as well as from my successes.

I have been slowly but steadily improving. My goal before “going live” has been to have 10 trading days in a row without a single loss. I have been working up to it and I have almost gotten there a few times and then have gotten in my own way, but  finally I have done it. I recognize that this has been with a simulated account and I know that your heart beats differently when there is real money at risk, but I am ready to jump in the pool, so to speak. I have not only been working on my price action trading skills but I have also been honing my trading psychology.  I will keep you posted. Mack I can’t thank you enough for your PAT Manual, your training videos, your willingness to answer questions etc. You have indeed been a blessing to many and certainly have been a blessing to me and to my husband. May God continue to richly bless you and yours. M.O.


Hello Mack, I just want to leave a little “THANK YOU!”. Last week was my 1st one without any losing days. I read a lot of books and tried many ways in trading but there was often this feeling that I feel not comfortable with this or that style of trading. Then I found Al Brooks and was hooked with price action and wanted to learn anything about it and so I found also your website. It was like a moment when the lights turned on as I read your manual. You showed a clear way for me, the beginning. I understood that not only Chance-Risk-Ratio and probability are important but also the probability of reaching the target and that is why your scalping style works. Reaching 4 ticks in the ES is very common. So now I’m only on sim-mode but I train every day and will go live after 3 consecutive winning weeks. Besides I study Al Brooks 3 books, your daily video lessons and the market. Through you, I know I can make it if I will work every day and build up my skill to become better and better and that is why I’m grateful. Thanks a lot Mack. Please, my apology for my English. Best regards, ———————————-

Hi Mack,
After months of study and hard work things are finally coming together…these last few hours I have been trading (partly for real, partly on the sim) sometimes with tears in my eyes….tears of joy and relief because I know that I will only get better with this and that finally I have found my way out of years of struggling…Mack for me you have been a Godsend…I cannot thank you enough! Warm Regards, RV ———————————– I really appreciate all you do for the trading community.  I’ve been at this for 4 years (4 years ago I didn’t even know what a short was) and FINALLY am starting to get it.  stumbling across your website has truly accelerated my learning.  It’s been difficult finding something that worked for me and PA speaks my language. As with all traders, I’ve had to work through many psychological issues (some in trading, some not in trading) and I truly think I’m about to turn the corner. Thanks again for all you do. BW
Hi Mack,
Just wanted to let you know that all your teaching is paying off! Last month I did +$600, for Feb +$2200, all Sim but definitely improving.  I never had a winning month before, EVER! So thanks much, your giving back is truly a blessing.
Hi Mack,
Just wanted to give you an update. Went live last week after several months of SIM trading. Doing well. Today was amazing. It just doesn’t get any easier than today. Bought every time I saw a 2 legged pullback to the EMA or to the lower trend line, or bought on  a 2nd entry L at the lower trend line. Took 5 trades 4 profitable 1 break even. Really sweet.
Thanks so much for writing the PAT Manual and especially thank you for all your help in the nightly videos.   BTW, I agree with you a thousand percent that a trading room would be counter productive not only for you by really complicating your life,  but I firmly believe that it would actually limit other traders ability to succeed. Price Action Trading needs to be studied, learned, and practiced, practiced, practiced, on an individual basis for a person to become a truly successful trader. It is like that old adage, ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
God Bless you and yours!
Just so you know, you have had a very positive influence on my trading – today I made my daily target for the first time (out of about 10 total LIVE trading days so far).
I trust you also had a good day too.  Thanks again Mack for all your efforts!



My name is xxxxxxxx and I want to thank you for putting this wonderful manual accessible to everyone and just this past Monday I bought and downloaded this incredible Price Action System.

I’ve been a trader for over 6 years with some success but mostly struggling to make it work. I bought several books and been with “trading tutors” but keep falling as a trader. Your system is not really new to me as I bought the books from Al Brooks and read them more than 1 time, though it is similar you put it in such an easy manner that I finally get it and what it took Brooks 3 incredible long and hard to understand books you make it easy.

Anyway I just want to make the point that I traded (SIM, unfortunately) and the results where incredible. Attached is an Excel worksheet with the results and also an image of the chart with entry points. Any comments would be highly appreciate it. Regards, FH


Hey Mack, how are you?

Today was a fabulous day and all thanks to your teachings.  All i can say is because of your technique I was able to trade such good moves (scalp and keep a runner) and today was a wonderful day for that technique. Thanks for doing what you do 🙂
All the green circles are BUY and a red one is SELL, and all winners!


Hi Mack,

Thank you for the fantastic trading manual!!! This is what I have been searching for!! I want to learn everything I can about Price Action Trading and this information you share is….HA HA….priceless!!!



Hello Mack

Been demo during Jan with a 70% win rate.  Mainly been concentrating on just with trend trades: 2nd entries off the ema and/or trend line  so trying only to enter when I perceive a trend is in play.  Watch your YouTube videos every day.
Just wanted to thank you for all the time you put in to help us traders out.


Hi Mack,

I had a great day today, 5 trades, 1 loss, 1 break even, 3 winners with 2nd target runners.  I figured it would be a trading range day today with the nice trend day yesterday and FOMC today.  So I wasn’t afraid to buy as sell those scary highs and lows.  I’m most proud of the breakout pullback short I took at the lows ( 2:08) that laid a nice trap on a 2 legged pullback to the ema and trend line.  Thanks for sharing your work, it is making me a better trader.
Danville, CA



Had a good day today.  Made $200 trading 1 contract at a time. I am getting my emotions under control and understanding price action more and more.  Thanks again and have a great weekend.
Fayetteville, GA


Hi Mack,

I want to express sincere gratitude for your daily videos. I have benefited tremendously from them. Started this weekend, I went back to each session that you had a video on. I went bar by bar and marked all my entries. Then I would watch your video for that day to compare my entries vs. yours. I think it’s tremendously useful exercise. In my opinion, that is a form a deliberate practice that can accelerate the learning curve. I am very excited in repeating this exercise as much as possible in addition to my daily trading of course. Please keep doing what you do. I am grateful for your kindness and generosity.




Hello, I am so thankful that my husband found Big Mikes Trading Forum a year ago! So we could eventually find out  about you. We have spent countless hours & money on different methods the  last 5 & 1/2 years. BUT we have never given up! We’ve never been profitable on a consistent basis. To be honest with you when my husband  told me to take a look at your website I wasn’t too thrilled he found something else for me to look at…it took me a couple of days to get around  to checking it out, but once I did I haven’t been able to stop! I currently have read your entire site and am ready to purchase your Price Action Trading Manual. I’m excited to see what else I can learn from you. As of  yesterday I closed down all my charts with all the indicators and only have my one ES chart up like yours. I am so amazed at myself (I never say that) with the trading I have done this week. Comparing my chart to yours at the end of the day it’s pretty much spot on with yours. I never thought I would  be able to look at the market without a “system” and a whole bunch of  indicators. I truly am thankful for you taking the time to help people out  & not wanting thousands of dollars for it. There really are some nice  people in the world.  I hope someday to be as good as trader as you. Our  goal the last 5 & 1/2 years has been for at least one of us to be a full  time trader and I believe we found the answer to our prayers. Once again,  thank you very much!

God Bless,

CS Kansas City, Missouri


Hello Mack and PATs Team,

I first would like to say thank you for your program and all the invaluable video’s. After buying countless Trading systems and filling up my charts with multiple indicators and system buy/sell entries… I finally focused on price action and I am so happy I found your web site. I think your price is way to low for all the great advise and hard work you put into it.  Trust me, I have paid thousands on systems and only got a fraction of what you are giving your students. Its funny but I never could trade the systems I brought because I never trusted them. Deep inside I needed to know why price was moving in certain ways. I really feel with hard work and discipline that I will become a successful trader thanks to you.

KE Charleston, SC


Hi Mack, I have been trying a successful trader for years but have failed miserably. I tried many markets and systems, tried all kind of time-frames, used almost every indicator known to mankind with the only result that I got more confused and desperate (I have to support my wife and kid). A few weeks ago, desperately looking for clues and answers I found your website, bought your manual and started studying your videos. Mack, you are the best teacher/guide I could have hoped for. For the first time in a loooooong time I am getting convinced that I can make it as a trader. My results at the simulator are way beyond my expectations. Every night it is a joy to see that I draw the same lines as you and saw the same trading opportunities. I cannot believe this is happening. I am really beginning to see the light, thanks to you, after so many years of struggling. and failing… Mack, thank you so much!!!!!!! with much regards, RV from the Netherlands


Hi Mack, I must thank you for the daily vids you make available and your refreshing approach. Having done the rounds on various trading methods, all of which offered lower probabilities of success, discovering your approach was like turning a light on. Your manual is worth every cent.

Very best,



Hello Mack, I had been a subscriber to Al Brooks for about a year. This past weekend I bought your manuals and had a “EPIPHANY” after reading them and watching your videos.  Today was the best of my trading career, (15 yrs-Floor trader, been off the floor for 5 yrs).  Not so much the money but, I knew what was happening and more importantly what I expected for a high probability trade.  Thank you is not enough but, THANK YOU.

God bless,




Well, I took the plunge on Monday and have been trading real money for the last three days.  I must say the results have been beyond my daily goals, better every day as I learn to trust my instincts. 🙂   I spent 5 months learning on the simulators before this, and its been worth all the long hours.  I listened to your video today and loved the nature show analogy that you used, about the “Cat waiting for hours in the grass.”  I do the same thing, only trading with trend and with all the resistance lines and indicators in my favor.

Guess I don’t have a real question, but I wanted you to know what it has meant to learn your system, and hear your wisdom on a daily basis.

Thanks for all you do,


Vacaville, CA


Hey PATs,

I purchased your manual and read it cover to cover and love it.

AH Fayetteville, GA


Hi Mack:

Thanks to you I am finally starting to be profitable with my sim trading.  Your advice is the best.  Even though most of my trades are successful, its the mistakes that cut down on my profit.


Granada Hills, CA



I wanted to send you a mail to express my gratitude for the information you are making available for a nominal cost. I have been actively learning to trade for over 5 years – and have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours studying charts in this endeavor. I recently purchased your price action- Determining targets and Envelope strategies and am wowed by the information you provide.

RF ————————————


I spent some considerable time watching a lot of your videos and decided to try trading your methods (mainly 2nd entry longs and shorts off MA and TL touch) on a tick chart some weeks ago. The results have been outstanding. These entries are very reliable. I am using 2 point target with 2 point risk on nearly all the trades.

IS ————————————-


I am now posting daily updates to a few close friends on Facebook about my progress with learning price action, and trading on the simulator. The results for me have been great! Last two days, I have made $225 and $275 respectively, and that’s usually with one or two early trades then out for the day! (Practice the trading psychology).

Anyways, Thanks for everything and happy trading! WL Vacaville, CA ———————————–


I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am to have found your site. After spending months with Al Brooks and his “theory”, it’s nice to have your practical approach that shows the trades you should be looking for. Not sure if I’m being clear, but I hope you get the jist of what I’m trying to say! You’ve given me hope that I will be a successful trader. I’ve always believed in myself, I just needed to find someone who can give me the steps.


AH Mesa, AZ ————————————

Hello Mack,

I have been trying to accomplish being a profitable trader now for 4 years. I hate to admit it but I was just about to give up until I found this and you. I use to keep track of all the back testing and systems I thought was the answer and finally stopped over a year ago as they just didn’t seem to be worth the work since they all lost me money. But, since I have been just trend trading and using the entry’s you recommend I have taken 42 trades and only have had 2 losers. I really don’t expect you to believe that as I have heard so many traders not exactly tell the truth about results. But I documented them and they could be checked.


JW Plant City, FL

———————————— Hello Mack,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for your Price Action Manual, it contains excellent information. I have been analyzing charts and sim trading for a few days and find it to be remarkably accurate.

Thanks again,

HJ New York, NY

———————————– Thank for your help and I have enjoyed the learning experience. Mack’s explanations are far clearer about price action trading than anyone I have encountered on the internet. A guy named Al Brooks should take lessons from Mack in clarity and brevity.

Thank you again.

CA Laguna Niguel, CA

————————————- Mack,

I finally see why the ES is a good trading vehicle. I have been sim-ing the ES, and studying it vs the 6E. Incredible volume, plus repeated trade-able PATS patterns using your 2000 tick chart. For me, compared to trading the 6E, the ES can be traded from a very calm state of mind. Far less stressful trading experience than the 6E.

Thank you for enlightening me Mack. A few minutes ago, at 12:23PM Pacific, I took a bounce off support @1383 and what a nice trade it was. 4 points plus a runner.

Mack —- again, thanks,


————————————– Hi Mack,

You are definitely the best teacher, mentor I have ever come across in the 10 years I’ve been trading. With much appreciation of your skill.

Sincerely, JL Elmira, NY ————————————–

Mack You’ve changed the way I look at the market and trading. So much easier now. I hope your signal idea comes to fruition, I see this only as a positive.

BF Rochester Hills, MI ————————————–

You are really an amazing trader and teacher!… I am so honored to be a student of you!… you are really pure and genuine in your wishes to have people like us to learn this business…. please keep doing the great job you have always been doing… every single day that passes that I am dedicating to this I am learning more and more and your videos and dedicated time to me are really doing wonders!

I am extremely happy ! 😀 Have an amazing weekend! Australia ————————————–

Thanks for what you’re doing. I’ve read Al Brooks’ Reading Price Charts Bar By Bar book. There’s so much information in there that it’s hard to digest. You are doing a great job of making it real and understandable. I still have a lot to learn and lots of practice to do. But I’m very encouraged by what I’m learning from you. I’ll also reconfirm that the videos are a 10-X improvement from the emails. To be blunt, I don’t think you’re charging enough. I’ve paid a lot more for far less valuable information in the past.

Thanks, GM ————————————– Good Morning Mack:

I just quite trading for the day and month. Here are my figures for October:

Days traded: 21 Winning Days: 19 Days with a loss: 2 Total Number of Trades: 115 Winning Trades: 87 Losers: 28 Dollar Goal per day: $400 Max Loss Goal per day: $200 Lot size: 2 contracts Net for month after commissions: $9,711.00

Thanks so much!

God bless, JB

———————————– I got your indicator and system and love it. The ES settings you published work great on the YM with a 6 Range Bar setting. The system requires a paradigm shift for me from trying to be a breakout trader to being an Envelope trader. It’s been interesting to watch the price action swing from one extreme to the other over and over again, and be able to anticipate where it’s going. I’ve got to study reversal patterns more thoroughly now. Thanks for a good, simple system that even I can understand.

RJ Cajah’s Mountain, NC ——————————————–

I have been on sim for a month with NT as my platform and PATSystem as my feed. When scalping I usually only get 2-4 signals (bounce of 21 EMA on a 2000 tick chart as suggested). My question is do you usually have more signals than this? Could it be my data feed. Because when I try a 1000 tick chart they look identical to the sample strategy attached. I will send a pic. of how my chart looks like 2000 vs 1000 tick chart. Please advise.

Also, I have not had a losing trade yet using your strategy but I was wondering if you guys would offer a trading room service it would really be great. PATsystem is a true day trading system. I have been through a lot of so called Holy Grail indicator system ranging from $500 to $3,000. They do not come close to what I learned from PATsystem. Relying on indicators is not the answer. I learned a lot from Brook’s Price Action Book and PATsystems techniques. It’s a breathe of fresh air to see real day traders like in PATsystem who’s system rely on 100% pure price action. I built my 5,000 account to 8,000 in about 1 months on 1 contract using the scalping method.

Thanks. CM Brooklyn, NY

Response from PATs: Different data providers may produce different ticks, so experiment with different tick sizes until you find one that compares to our 2000 tick chart. Also, we are traders first, and teachers secondly, so it’s difficult to find the time to run a trading room for now. ———————————————

Hi Mack,

Here is a screen shot of my trading results on the ES for the last 9 sessions. You sent me the manual on the 4th of this month, and I started tracking my results on the 5th. I’m pleased. Thanks for such a great product. Your manual was easy to understand and implement, as I was able to begin trading with it the next day. I think the most valuable aspect of your product is the daily chart review. That has really helped make the process of seeing valid entries automatic and intuitive. Keep up the great work.

EO York, PAHi ——————————————–

Hi Mack

Thanks, I downloaded the file without any problems, I really enjoyed the price action manual and I am reading and rereading it, explains things simply, great framework and reference to work from


GD South Africa ———————————————-

Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. I’m really starting to appreciate your method. I prefer taking the 2nd entries. And BTW, you should be charging considerably more than you are currently for your course.

Best regards,

BH Le Mesa, CA ———————————————

I would like to see the chart re-caps. The PAT course is great�Thanks!

TS Carrollton, GA ———————————————-

Hi Mack, I recently purchased your Scalp Trading Manual and then your Price Action Trading Manual. I am very pleased with your teaching. I am finally making money trading futures after opening my eyes to what is really going on by following price action. I was one of those traders trying to trade “breakouts”, only to find myself being stopped out after many false indications. Thank you very much,

MF Midland, TX ———————————————-

I just want to say thanks so much for all of your help. In this short time I have been studying this with you I have really made tremendous improvement. Price action trading is not easy, and I do have to admit there were (and still are) times when I was very frustrated. However, I now believe that all indicator trading is worthless. I will continue to get better and better at this approach until I master it. I think many people cannot trade this way, as it is very difficult to learn. That is why they turn to indicators. It is the easy way out, but unfortunately it is not the proper way to do things. I have been through thousands of dollars trying to learn how to trade, and this method is the best one I have come across. I still have a lot of practice to do, but I am willing to do it. So I just want to say thanks again.

JS Forrest Hills, NY

————————————————– Hi Mack:

I’ve been winning consistently using your 2 legged pull back method from the EMA. A couple of quick questions please:

Did you see this second entry trading yourself and develop it or did you learn it from an other trader? It is truly awesome. It must be the closest kept secret among master-traders or very few others use it.

Thanks & God bless,

JB San Antonio, TX

————————————————— Mack,

I hit my daily goal and just quit trading for the day (and month) and wanted to share this with you. I started trading your PAT method (mostly two-legged EMA pullbacks) on July 8th :

Days Trading: 16 Daily Goal: $300 Daily Max Loss: $150 Total Trades: 57 Wins: 53 trades Losses: 4 trades Percentage Wins: 93% Losing days: 0 Net After Commissions: $4826

So, I’m quite encouraged that I can make the $100 a day needed to stay on our mission field. Thank you!

God bless, J&S

————————————————— Mack,

Your PATs system has helped me more than anything before!

Thanks, BF Rochester Hills, MI

—————————————– I have been using your system this month only and I am up 24% which is a great thing.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thanks MT Chandler, AZ

—————————————— Well, I’m managing to average 2 points a day using PATS without having a full grasp of the methodology. Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away with your daily chart reviews. Your system is nothing short of amazing and will be well worth the time.

Thanks, MD Morrison, CO