What is the Envelope Strategy?

This is a proven trading plan/system that will help traders to become profitable when trading the ES futures on a daily chart. If you are already trading, but not yet making the kind of money you would like, this will help you to immediately improve your trading results. This system is designed to trade daily charts or intraday charts.  There are now included indicators that work with NinjaTrader version 7.0 and NinjaTrader version 8.0.  If you use any other trading software, you cannot use this strategy, as the special indicator will not work with other any other trading software. We no longer support MetaTrader. Using this simple but effective trading method, you can make money in any economy without worrying about a job, boss or paycheck any longer.

What does the Envelope have that other systems don’t?

This system will actually force you to do the one thing that most traders don’t do. If you control this one area, you will change your trading results forever. In my opinion, it is the most important rule to making it as a trader, yet 90% of all traders never figure it out and they eventually lose their trading account to the 10% that do know and implement this one simple trading rule. Even if you are an experienced trader, you may know about this one important rule, and even if you do know it, you probably don’t know how to implement it. This system will give you the keys to controlling and maintaining this rule and that will give you an advantage over 90% of all retail traders.

Trading must be complicated or hard if 90% can’t do it?

We have already done all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is add our indicator to your charts and then follow a few simple rules. This will force you to then trade following the one simple rule as mentioned above. It’s really as easy as that, but I don’t want you to think you won’t have to work at it and spend time with it to master it. It’s like anything that’s worth learning: it takes effort on your part. I will show you “how,” but you have to spend the time practicing a few easy steps that will actually force you to follow the one important rule. I call this an indicator, but that is not really what it is. I simply call it that for lack of a better term or description.

Are you a trader… do you trade this system?

Yes, we here at PATs are full time day traders. It has taken us many years of trial and error to come up with what we feel is the key to trading success. We learned this through study, hard work and actual trading experience. We no longer need the indicator now, because we have learned to see what it tells us by trading from price action alone. In other words, many of us used the indicator to force us to learn the rule, and now that we know and understand it, we no longer need the indicator. Our number one rule is to always trade off of clean charts with no indicators and only a few trend lines and support and resistance lines. However, the indicator is the key to forcing you to follow the one important rule of trading, so it is critical to the system in the beginning.

Do I have to be an experienced Trader?

No, but you do need to know the very basics of using NinjaTrader software. You will be able to practice or simulate live trading on the same software and on a live data feed that live traders are also trading from. It’s the closest thing you can get to real live trading, so it’s much more realistic than the old days of “paper-trading”. If you have never traded, check out the “NinjaTrader” software and have them set you up a demo trading account and see if trading is for you.

What Brokerages can I use your system with?

The indicator and rules will work on any type chart, but we only have the indicator written for Ninja Trader version 7.0 and 8.0 Software. I highly recommend Ninja Trader and we use it personally here in our trading office.

Do you provide support?

It is very doubtful you will need much support, as the system really is that simple to implement. However, we will provide unlimited free e-mail support as long as you need it. It may take us a day to respond in some cases, as we are full time traders and we trade the markets every day, but we will always respond and help you with any questions or problems that might arise. Mack, our head trader, was not always a trader, and at one time he worked in Corporate America, so he fully understands and believes in the concept of Customer Service. If you are willing to take a chance on us with your hard-earned money, then we are more than willing to give you your money’s worth. We will not simply sell you something and then disappear on you during the night. We give you our word on that!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We are very confident in all of our strategies, and this is a great tool that helps many traders improve their trading results!  However, this is a sale of information, and unfortunately, there are unscrupulous buyers out there that will buy our products, copy the information, and then simply ask for a refund. Therefore, all sales are final.

What exactly do I get when I purchase your system?

1) A PDF document with a detailed set of instructions on how to implement the trading system along with all of the rules. There are viewers for PDF files available for free that you can download on the Internet if you don’t currently have one. I’ll give you a link to the site to download the free viewer with the manual.

2) An indicator (for lack of better terms to describe) that will help you to implement the one and most important rule in trading.  This indicator works only with NinjaTrader (both version 7 and 8).

3) Unlimited E-mail Support.


You can download the manual and indicator instantly after payment, so there is no shipping necessary.

$79.99 E-Mail Delivery

Once you complete the purchase via PayPal, you will be emailed a download link where you can download your manual instantly.  The link is good for 24 hours only, and will expire after that point, so make sure you complete your download with 24 hours of purchasing.

Important:  If you encounter any problems in downloading your manual after payment, do not panic.  Check your spam or junk folder first, and if you still do not find your download links, simply send us an email and we will forward you the file to you manually.  We answer all e-mails in 24 hours or less!