How To Find Our Daily YouTube Video Lessons

Important!  See below to learn how To Receive Our Daily Free Video Chart Lessons.


We now upload our daily price action chart lesson videos directly to our YouTube channel every day, so in order to see the free chart lessons, you should subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will be notified as new videos are uploaded each trading day.  We have a couple of hundred videos you can watch right now that will teach you all that you need to know about price action trading.

We no longer send a daily email reminder when the lessons are uploaded, so in order to be notified automatically, you must subscribe to our YouTube channel, which is free as well.  If you subscribe, you can then set your notifications to update you daily so that you get a notice when the daily video has been uploaded.  The default notification for YouTube is weekly, so if you want a daily update, be sure to change that option once you subscribe to our channel.

You can find our YouTube channel at this link.