Mid Day Chart Post

Mack's Mid Day Trading Thoughts.

Mack’s Mid Day Trading Thoughts.

UPDATE:  We have placed this into operation for a test period.  Sometime between 9:30 AM CST and 10:30 AM CST I will post a snap shot of my chart with just a few quick notes.  Nothing fancy, complicated or too detailed, but rather a picture of what I am seeing on my chart along with a couple of quick comments.  This will only be viewable by our premium members at this point.  NOTE:  Any time a new post is made to the website, if you are a registered user of our site, you should get an email notification.  If you have not been getting a notification, check your spam folder and make sure you direct your mail application is not identifying anything from our website as spam and you will be good to go.  If you do not want to get the notifications, just mark us as spam or change your email slightly in your user profile so it doesn’t go to you any longer.

I got a recent suggestion from someone about creating a new mid day chart post, so I am considering doing this for premium members.  I do not want to do anything that is going to be time consuming or that will distract me from my personal trading, so it will be something simple yet hopefully also helpful to each of you.  I am thinking I could post a quick chart (a simple snap shot) of what I am seeing around mid morning after there is enough price action to have a good feel about the day, along with a few comments.

This should not be too difficult and it should not take long to do, so I am willing to consider it if there are enough interested parties.  I do not think it will be worth my effort for only a dozen or so people, but if enough of you are interested and will actually stop by to see it each day, I am willing to test this for a week or two and see how it goes.  Please give me your thoughts in the comment section below or contact me by email if you prefer.  A mid day chart post might be something that could help put some of you on the right track each day, so let me know what you think so I can gauge the interest levels.