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Our Favorite Trading Resources!

If you are looking for additional trading resources, you can find our recommendations on this page. Anything that we recommend comes from a reputable source that we trust.  If you are looking to take your trading to the next level, or if you simply want to further your learning with the latest and greatest trading ideas and tools, this is where to look.  You will find some great reading materials here that we think are beneficial to any trader.

One of the first books we recommend for anyone wanting to further their research into price action trading strategies is Al Brook’s book, Reading price charts bar by bar.  This book is a tough read, and our recommendation is to use it like a study manual, because there are some true nuggets in this book that will allow you to get a better understanding of price action.  We recommend our price action trading manual first and foremost, simply because the information is  more condensed and greatly simplified, so it is easier to digest and understand in our opinion, but if you are looking to dig deeper into price action trading, this is a great addition to our manual.

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While learning to trade with price action is step one for any successful day trader, the second step is to learn to control your emotions.  No matter how good or how solid your trading plan might be, if you can not control the emotions of fear and greed when day trading, you will never become successful or profitable trader. We have a trading article that will give you more information on the importance of trading discipline located here.  If you want a great book that is loaded with information on how to be a disciplined trader.  Regardless of your chosen trading strategy, this is a must have book for any trader.

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