I spoke about the nice golf print that I received from Clayton Hayes Photography in yesterday’s video, so I wanted to follow up and provide his information for others that might be interested. This is the 13th hole of Amen Corner at Augusta National and if I remember correctly, that is Tiger Woods on the green. I have a better picture of the print now too, so you can see the quality of the work that went into this nice gift that Clayton forwarded me. He actually sent me two prints, so double the fun really.

I am placing Clayton’s information below should any of you be interested in his work. Thanks again to Clayton for sending me such a fine gift. Being a golfer, the print has a special place for me. Not only is it a nice print for my wall and a fine gift, but as I am watching the charts, I can look up see that print and dream momentarily about being out on the links participating in one of my second loves in life. Day trading and the markets being a slight favorite.

Now all I need is for Philip to stop by and grill up some nice steaks and life will be grand. lol Some of you might not get that one, but I went over one of Philips trades in a video recently and we talked about it being his birthday. He had a nice profitable trade that morning, followed up by a round of golf and and then some grilled steaks, so I thought it would only be fitting to mention his birthday in the post too. Why you ask? Because only a nice grilled steak could make this day any better as I am writing this up just prior to lunch. πŸ™‚ My apologies to you vegans, as I have one in my family. You will have to forgive me, but a steak is my one indulgence that I can not give up.

I hope some of you don’t mind me posting something more personal rather than about day trading. I do not do this often, but I really felt some of you might enjoy Clayton’s prints and photography work. This is a small way of my saying thanks to Clayton for his generosity as well. I promise not to start a new trend, so this will be a rare type of post on the PATs website. Thanks for checking out the post and good trades to all of you!

Clayton Hayes Photography



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DaveJ May 20, 2020 at

I found it refreshing to read this post. Thank you for providing his info and giving him his honor. From one golfer and steak lover to another I appreciate it . I have had the privilege of walking next to Steve Jones, a friend of a friend, during a pro am and see first hand the strategies he used and his course management. He went on to win the US open in 1996. I have an autographed picture of him holding his trophy signed to me hanging in my office. Its a wonderful game.


Knortzsch May 20, 2020 at

It is very refreshing to get some personal info behind “Mack’s” life πŸ™‚

Frantz May 20, 2020 at

Love it Mack. Don’t hesitate to share these kinds of thoughts! I know you don’t believe in forums since a trader should be able to trade by oneself, but you nonetheless have created a community around you. Adding a human touch to it is awesome. Thanks for all you do.

JasrajSingh May 20, 2020 at

Thank you Mack for sharing. I’m really happy that your love for trading and the markets has been rekindled, as you say. I’m also very, very happy that we’re able to reach out to you with our gestures, words and prayers. This is a long shot, but if you’re in Manchester, UK anytime, let me know; steaks and chilled beers on me! (If you drink that is). Thank you for all you do, much appreciated.

Gregory Wexler May 20, 2020 at

Outstanding! While I’m not much of a golfer myself, I can play and I do enjoy the change of scenery. I live in Los Angeles so you rarely get a view of ‘the greens’ – what a great photo! It’s certainly inspiring to us who live/work cooped up at home during these crazy times! Thank you for posting, sharing and kudos to Clayton!

Mack May 20, 2020 at

There is an overlapping concept between golf and trading, so if you are a good golfer you will understand the relationship. Golfers need mental focus while also being able to remain totally relaxed. The best golfers have this ability and it is also what is needed when reading a chart while taking live trades from it. You must be relaxed and patient, but super focused on the job at hand. Look how good Tiger was before his personal life explosion and he is only regaining his previous form in the last year or so. He lost total focus and his golf game became a shell of it’s former glory. Trading is similar in that a trader must be laser focused and not distracted, while also being calm, cool and collected.

I never noticed it when I was trading myself until I recorded a few live trades. I actually sit there and talk to the chart and to the prices. lol I never knew I even did this until I listened to my own recordings. I was so focused on the job at hand that I didn’t even realize what I was saying until I played it back. I actually laughed at myself a few times. But that focus, while being in the moment, yet still being totally relaxed is important.

jwood80 May 21, 2020 at

WOW! not only does the photograph show the incredible talent and soul of Clayton. What a wonderful gift to share. It makes me a lil sad that the only gift I have shared with Mack are dumb questions!!. J/K. But, seriously thank you both for the light you share with the world.

Ryan4409 May 21, 2020 at

Look like Tiger was wearing gray pants and a yellow shirt. If so, I think that was 2010 and I was there that year. Here are some photos we took that year https://photos.app.goo.gl/C6pyvJrauANsoQ2M6

Ryan4409 May 21, 2020 at

100% agree on parallels between trading and golf. Things like consistently making par, not trying to hit a hole-in-one every time, etc. If one hole doesn’t go well, you can’t carry that negativity and stress into the next hole. Simply learn from it and use the experience to do better the next time, just like trading. Above all, remaining unemotional and focused is key.

Canehdian May 31, 2020 at

Golfing and trading, now what could possibly be better? Love the print!

Vittorio5927 June 1, 2020 at

Mack, this takes me back to the days when you could walk up to Augusta National during practice week, spend $35 on a day pass, and watch the pros. I also have fond memories of seeing some of the greats joke around on the course and stand in awe of the immaculate work of the grounds keepers. Oh, then there is the pimento cheese sandwiches. Used to play golf on a fairly regular basis but got busy with traveling for work. Which is why I am on this quest to become proficient in this scalping strategy to do this full time. I have either been on military deployments or doing government contract work far too long away from my home in Georgia. I work in Germany now and spend every minute away from work reading charts and on the SIM. I made $770 today on SIM and determined to make this work so I can be with my family. So cheers, enjoy your steak and I pray your eye surgery is a success and look forward to your return to PAT!

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