Price Action Affords Day Trading Battle Field Advantages
Price Action Affords Day Trading Battlefield Advantages

NOTE:  The premium members area does not take the place of the Price Action Manual, at least not yet.  You need the Price Action Manual first and foremost. The premium members area contains additional learning materials and more detailed video lessons that explain in greater details, much of what is covered in the manual.

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The Premium Members area contains additional video lessons, along with access to our trading support forum where you can ask questions and get trading support and learn from and with other traders. I also post a daily mid-morning copy of my trading chart so that you can compare your chart to mine. This is designed to help newer traders to get off to a good start early in the trading day. This mid-morning chart is normally posted around 9:30 AM CST each trading morning, but it will normally post between 9 and 10 AM CST each trading day. You can set your user account to notify you by email when this posts each morning, so no need to keep checking in over and over.

We post many of our proprietary NinjaTrader tools that are available for free download in the private members area as well. I do not support NinjaTrader or the indicators, so if you have issues with them, you will need to contact NT for support. All of them have been tested and are working, so if you are having issues, it is a user issue on your end that you will have to figure out. I simply do not have time to support software unfortunately. I only offer them as a courtesy and for the benefit of our members.

COSTS: The cost of the premium membership is $125.00 per year, but if you have purchased our Price Action Manual or our Bundled package of manuals, you qualify for a $25.00 discount off of the annual price. Just send an email to me if you qualify, along with your purchase ID #, and I will create you a discount code. We also offer a monthly option, but there are no discounts if you go with the monthly membership option. Note too that the annual membership does not auto-renew, so do not attempt to cancel an annual membership, or you will actually cancel and close your account. Only the monthly membership option will auto-renew until you cancel it.

One of the most important things we have tried to do here at PATs is to offer you a superior product, while keeping the costs to a bare minimum. At one time we gave everything away, but it started to become too big and too complicated to continue that way, so we then added a small price for our manuals in order to keep away the tire kickers and anyone that was just window shopping for trading ideas.  It was never really our intentions for this thing to grow like it did, but like many successful ideas, the best ones normally grow larger because they offer something that people need or at least perceive to be of value, so in that sense, we are proud of our increasing growth and popularity on the Internet.

However, with growth and popularity, there are other problems that begin to creep in and the most important is just the logistics of managing and running the day-to-day activities.  There are costs and time involved, and when things were much smaller, the time requirements and the costs were also much smaller.  While growth is a good thing in our eyes, it also brings with it new and additional challenges that must be addressed.  Some of the toughest challenges are protecting our proprietary information from theft and illegal file sharing, but even more so is the issue of just addressing all of the support that multiple clients bring to a growing business.

Unfortunately, supporting price action techniques is tough, because only I can do that realistically due to the nature and difficulty of what we teach. While I enjoy doing it, I am a trader first and foremost, so I don’t have enough time in the day to help everyone while also doing my own personal trading and having a life to go with it. 🙂 I try and answer all emails and trading questions within 24 hours minimum, but I will ask you to please keep your questions short and precise and do not send me your full chart each day asking for a review. Do your studies and homework and when you are stumped on something, that is when you should contact me. With the new support forum, I will ask you to join it and ask your trading questions in there to help reduce my email load and overall workload.

I got into this business for the lifestyle it affords me and my family (freedom) and to get my life back from corporate America who had stolen it away in a previous life.  As long as this remains fun and it is manageable, I intend to keep doing it, but if and when the fun is gone or if and when it starts to steal my life away again, that is when I will probably stop doing it.

So, having shared that with each of you, hopefully you will understand why we have created the “Premium” members section.”  The reason for this is twofold really, but most importantly it is to gain back some of my time, while also being able to devote most of my time to those that are true members and not just someone that is passing through with semi-interest in learning how to trade or those that are just looking for a hobby or entertainment.  We feel it is time to take this to the next level and while we will still keep it affordable, we want to reduce what we share to only those that truly want to become profitable traders.

The price is reasonable, almost free if you compare what we are charging to other vendors. Most importantly, if you consider the value of what we offer, we are basically giving away the keys to a Ferrari.  I don’t say that in jest, because I truly believe we do almost give away the keys to wealth for almost free.  We also do not really consider ourselves as vendors or Internet marketers.  We are traders that have learned to master the ability to read a price chart, while also figuring out a way to teach this to others so that they can actually learn to do it just as well as we do.  We will always give our trading first priority because that is where the money is made.  The teaching will be secondary, although if you know us at all, you will agree that even though we are traders first, our customer service it the best on the Internet.  Our customer service will never change either, because I would shut it all down first before allowing that to be anything less than stellar.

Any of you that follow my work already know that I like to use analogies in my writing, as it often gives the basic everyday person or layman a better perspective of the point I am trying to make.  If you are able to learn price action and become proficient at reading a price chart, which anyone can do with enough time and practice, then it truly is like handing you the keys to wealth.

Understand too, that trading in futures markets, particularly futures indexes, is like stepping onto a battlefield.  It’s kill or be killed, but only when it comes to your pocketbook or savings accounts. Imagine that the ES or mini-S&P is the open skies and there is a war going on in those skies.  The best fighters are those that fly the F16 or F22 Raptors.  If you don’t know how to read a price chart, it’s like you going up

Price Action Day Trading Disadvantages
Price Action Day Trading Disadvantages

against these guys in a war where you are fighting in a single engine Cessna cub with a daisy BB gun, while those guys are all flying the latest and most sophisticated fighting machines.  This is no exaggeration.  The odds truly are stacked against a trader that strongly when they first enter the trading arena.

If you have our price action strategies in your hand, then you at least have access to the cockpit of one of these high tech F16’s or F22’s.  You will still have to learn how to fly it and to operate all of the high-tech controls, instruments and weapons, all while trying to keep from getting shot out of the sky by people that have mastered these machines long ago.

Think about how much dedication, courage, practice and simulator time it takes just to become proficient at flying one of these machines, much less learning to fly it and fight others that are experts with one intent, which is to take you down or take all of your money and transfer it to their account. Learning to day trade with price action is about as complicated as learning to fly and fight in one of today’s most advanced fighter jets.  Obviously if you have a basic pilots license or basic trading knowledge, the learning curve might me less severe, but it’s still a long, long process all the same.

You will need many hours of study and simulator time, just like any real fighter pilot has to do before being ready to take to the skies in battle. Most of what you already know is likely wrong, no matter how many people tell you otherwise, or you would not be here now looking for answers.

You won’t hear me ever sugar coat how difficult it is to learn to day trade successfully.  It’s probably the most difficult career choice you could ever make, but if you succeed, it is very rewarding and it pays extremely well, and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself!  If you want us to give you the keys to a fighter jet that will at least give you the opportunity to fight fairly with the best Barron’s of the trading world, then they are all right here on our website and in our materials.  They are not completely free, but they are affordable (almost free) and at least worth more than what you will pay for them in the end.  Where you go with this is up to you, but if you choose to join the fight, the information and tools are here for you, and they will give you one of the best opportunities you will ever receive to be able to realistically compete against the best traders in the world each day.

We hope this information gives you a better understanding of why we have created our premium members section on our website.  In time, the premium section will probably replace the written manual completely, but it will take us a while to get everything recorded onto video, so expect the premium section to grow slowly.  The main objective being to take the manual from a written document to one that is on video behind lock and key on our website where we can better control our product, but also where we can better support those that support us in return.  The daily video chart lessons will continue to be free on YouTube for now, but at some point, they could realistically go into the premium section as well and be available only on our website to our members. Just know that for now, all of our previous website information and the daily videos will continue to be free and open to anyone who drops by with no real changes. The premium section is for serious traders that want to learn as much as they can about price action day trading techniques and strategies.

Thanks in advance for helping make our website one of the best and most productive on the Internet. Our Premium Members Area offers us the opportunity to do a lot of different things, all of which can be better than what we do already.  So, with the understanding that even we don’t know exactly what the futures holds for our premium members, more information about our new price action premium members area will continue to be shared as we build this area further during the coming weeks and months.

Good trades and good studies to all of you!



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