Update To Mid Day Post Notifications

We had a software glitch after a recent update that created issues with our email notification services.  Instead of only notifying you of a new post, the system was notifying you if there were new comments or even minor changes to any old posts, and it did indeed confuse some of you, including myself.  I apologize for the mix up, but we now have this corrected and improved as well!

Effective immediately, you can now go into your user account and set your email notifications to your preference.  Any current users will have to set the email notifications if they want them, as the default is to have the notification turned off.  There are several options you can choose as well, from no notifications to only notifications of certain categories, etc.

Hopefully this will be more user friendly for everyone, including those that choose not to receive any emails at all from us.  Understand too, that we do not use any email marketing, so you will never receive an email from us trying to sell you something, and you can rest assured that this will not change.  We do not want to spam anyone, nor do we care to be email marketers!

If you choose to get the new post or mid day chart notifications, please go into your account now and set your preferences.  Below is a screen shot of the Notification Service area in your user account.

Snap Shot Of User Account Email Notifications.

Snap Shot Of User Account Email Notifications.