Happy new year to everyone as we start the 2019 trading year. I had planned to be back to a normal routine starting today, but with my accident and my eyesight not yet being back to normal, I am not going to trade any this week at all.

As of today, I am going to wait until Monday January 7th to try and start trading again. That could change based on how things are going, but I am just not ready as of today. My eyesight is indeed improving, but as of this morning, I am just not there yet.

I will keep everyone posted and hopefully I will be ready to go again by next Monday.


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chris January 2, 2019 at

Thanks for the update, Mack. Get well soon.


samasthiti January 2, 2019 at

Happy new year to you and much blessing for the new year. Take good care Mack.


Joe January 2, 2019 at

Thanks for the update.
Get well soon.

Happy New Year.


Sean Snyder January 2, 2019 at

Take care Mack. Your in our thoughts buddy.


Karen Jones Selman January 2, 2019 at

Thanks for the update , Mack! You are in our prayers.


Mark January 2, 2019 at

Take care, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.


golfer January 3, 2019 at

Wow, I haven’t logged in recently, so sorry to hear about your accident and eye condition. Eyesight is precious, so take care and get well soon.
Happy New Year!


golfer January 4, 2019 at

To deal with the increased volatility, I have doubled my stop loss from 8 ticks to 16 ticks and decreased my position size to half the number of contracts for normal volatility. This keeps my account risk per trade the same as for normal volatility. Also, I have doubled my first exit target from 4 to 8 ticks. Of course, keep everything else the same.


bao January 7, 2019 at

I hope you feel better soon Mack


William February 20, 2019 at

Mack I have talked with over 100 manual buyers, None have become successful yet and most even after 3 plus years hope they do. I believe you should shut this thing down because It is not very effective.

Only allowing the post that praise your method in the comments and blocking others is your right, but it also is very suspicious.



    Mack February 25, 2019 at

    You can’t take a sample of 100 people trying to learn day trading and get any type of accurate information. Where are you drawing your information from, as maybe those are only the losers?

    Regardless, there are successful people that learn to day trade price action using this information. Most statistics say that 90% of all that attempt to day trade wind up losing money and quitting, and I would agree with those statistics as well based on my experience with our website and teachings.

    The reason the majority fail is because they come into this with unrealistic expectations. You can’t read a manual or a book, trade for a few weeks or even a few months and expect to be successful at this. It doesn’t work like that.

    You are trading against professionals, and it takes lots of study and screen time to become successful enough to compete with those professionals. I compare it to someone buying a book on hitting a baseball and reading it and then expecting you can get in the batters box and successfully hit a professional baseball pitcher. No book or manual alone can give you the experience you need. It might give you the details you need, but then you need to go out and practice those details until you become experienced and skilled enough to have success batting against those professionals.

    Trading is no different. You need experience and to become skilled enough to go against professional traders, and that takes a long time. First you need the right information on how to trade, but then you have to get that experience and screen time and most importantly, you have to study your trades and charts every single night and most take a few years even doing that. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication that most will never apply themselves to complete.

    So yes, the reason most fail are because they have unrealistic expectations much like you appear to have. Can this be done though? Of course, and regardless of your small sample, there are people that have succeeded. Is it hard, you bet it is. Do most fail, of course, but because of the expectations versus what this really takes commitment wise to become successful. Maybe you can’t do it, I don’t know, but those that do succeed do not listen to the naysayers such as yourself that think and say no one can do this, because that is simply not true!

    Don’t bring others down or discourage them because you are not able to do it. I assure you that you are wrong and it is wrong of you to discourage others that might actually be able to succeed at trading. Price action is the only way to go, as you have to be able to read a chart to learn to day trade successfully.


William February 27, 2019 at

I agree and would love to see more people make it in trading. Most will not…..I did by the grace of GOD.

I compare what made me successful to what I learned from you and think what a weak bunch of hogwash mixed with a small amount of useful stuff in your manual.

I don’t teach or sell anything, WHY WOULD I???? I made over $5 millions dollars last year mainly trading the ES.

I also think if a person sells a method or teaches trading they should occasionally show proof, MOST DO NOT. Redacted broker trading statements would be the ticket to that.

End of SOAPBOX rant


William February 28, 2019 at

You deleting my comments from Wednesdays videos was your right to do BUT also shows that you are a GODLESS SCAMMING DEMON. There was nothing wrong that I wrote and In fact there was a scripture involved and DEMONS cannot handle scriptures from Gods word.

You have shown your true colors.


    Mack February 28, 2019 at

    I haven’t deleted any comments anywhere? You are off your rocker and full of it. I seriously question if you are sane?


William March 4, 2019 at

It all comes down to when a person disagrees with you, you question SANITY. No I am very sane, I have the MIND of Christ. Mack, I know you are running a business here. A information business and you do not have to validate anything, BUT you don’t even use your real name and there is no real proof that you even trade. I asked Dan at AMP about you years ago and he had NO CLUE who you were.

You never let anyone have a real conversation with you or others on your videos, ITS either praise and worship of MACK or your comment is marked as SPAM….Only you can mark something as spam by the way.


    Mack March 4, 2019 at

    William, you are having a conversation with me right now? I haven’t deleted anything, and if you come in here acting like you are holier than others and claiming to have some “special christian powers,” then yes, I question your sanity. You are not even trying to have a real conversation, you are just spewing derogatory claims and acting like you are better than others, and nothing more.

    I’m a Christian and a person of faith myself, but I don’t claim any special powers from Christ and anyone that does claim that is a huge question mark in my and most other’s mind? You can contact me by email if you want to have a real conversation with me. I have reasons for not posting my face and name all over the Internet, and it’s people like you that scare me along with the fact that I like my privacy. I don’t need some crazy person showing up at my door step and stalking me, but other than that, I have nothing to hide. I’ve explained that previously, so it’s no secret.

    If you don’t like what we do, you don’t have to come here. I don’t twist anyone’s arm. I don’t make a lot of money at all for the time I put into this. I do this because I enjoy it and with the exception of a few trouble makers, I enjoy the people I meet and get to know. It’s a hobby more than anything. Lately I get calls and emails about expanding, marketing, advertising, etc, all things designed to create income and money for my time, but I turn those things down because I don’t want to grow this any bigger than it is already and because I am not interested in making the site bigger so I generate more income. It’s not about that really.

    You haven’t even tried to have a real conversation with me either. You just came here making claims that aren’t true. I see you edited your original message too, so it now looks much less offensive. If you want to email me and talk to me that is fine, but going forward, I will delete anything further you post. Your goal is not to have a conversation, but rather to cause trouble. I gave you more freedom to comment than most would, but I won’t continue to be that nice going forward, because you are only here to create problems and we can do without that.

    And no, I don’t mark anything as spam and I never have. YouTube does that. Yes, I have the ability to go in an un-mark those comments after the fact, but I choose to let YouTube decide. Funny how they already know most real spammers. I simply do not have time to worry about spammers, so I don’t bother to go in and weed through those comments. I simply let them stand on their own, as there is usually a reason YouTube marks them as such.


adam March 4, 2019 at

William if you made $5 millions in one year why you waste your life time on this website? go and enjoy your life. bye bye


Withheld March 14, 2019 at

YouTube video today?


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