I wanted to put this up to clear the air on Micheal Chin, Riley Coleman and the Dayonetraders.com website. I continue to get questions as to their affiliation to PATs and our website. I am going to use this as an opportunity to clear the air.

Neither Dayonetraders.com, Michael Chin or Riley Coleman are affiliated with PATs in any way, other than the fact that they were recent students and members of our membership program. They are not acting on behalf of me, PATs or the priceactiontradingsystem.com website. They took our materials without authorization or approval, repackaged them and are now selling them with the claims that they are futures trading experts. In fact, they are selling our materials for four times the price we sell them for, while also offering their expert advice for life. I see they did remove the “expert” title or claim from their name and likeness on the Dayonetraders.com website, so at least they did figure out that was a bad idea.

I had my in house lawyer, who represents me for any of my legal needs, but who is not in practice as a copyright lawyer, send them a cease and desist order. However, they basically ignored that request, questioned its authenticity and dared me to sue them.

I have since spoken with an actual copyright lawyer and we are discussing how we will proceed form here. Honestly, I could care less about them selling anything or even using our materials in a “non-monetary” manner, but I am adamantly opposed to them stealing our materials and reselling them, all the while posing as trading experts. No one uses 2000 tick charts but PATs, and we introduced the use of those charts along with the term second entry and measured moves as well. Our measured move strategy is not taught anywhere else that I am aware of either, so for them to claim any of these as their ideas is a farce.

Most people do not even know what a tick chart is, and I would bet these two had never heard of them either until they recently took our course. Even if they knew about tick charts, what are the odds that they would choose a 2000 tick chart? About a million to one maybe, but obviously since they were students here, we know exactly where they got the idea for using a 2000 tick chart, second entries and the measured move strategy, along with all of the other ideas they are selling on their Dayonetraders.com website.

We introduced these terms to the public, along with their exact trading strategy many years ago, and you can go back and verify that by looking at some of our very early YouTube videos. You can also look at the copyright notices and dates in our manual if you have a copy of one. Nobody else was using those terms, along with many of the other terms they are using prior to us making them public with our materials over ten years ago. The scalp and run strategy is copied straight from the pages of our PATs manual. See our legal notice and the copyright dates below. The page below was pulled directly from our manual.

At this point, I am not sure what my next move will be legally, but for now, I wanted to clear the air and make people aware of why these guys materials look so much like our materials. Honestly, they have lofted me a softball with this. You can clearly see that they are taking our copyrighted materials, repackaging them and selling them as their own ideas and trading strategy. What they are doing is very much illegal and downright dirty plagiarism if nothing else.

You can come to your own conclusion as to whether or not these guys are futures trading experts. It is difficult to write that with a straight face really, but just in case there is any question or doubt, I am posting some screen shots from our website that show you proof of their buying our materials and being members of our website only a few weeks ago.

The real question is why were they members and why did they buy our materials? If they are experts, then they obviously did not need to learn our materials, so why were both of them members of our private membership area logging in often up until just a few weeks ago? Were they here to learn about price action and futures trading, or were they here to steal our materials? If they were here to learn, then they obviously are not experts. I will let you form your own opinions and conclusions, as I am only sharing what I know to be true facts about these two.

I have posted some proof of my claims below so that you can see I am giving you actual facts. I removed most of their email address and their IP addresses for privacy reasons. Not that they deserve privacy, but I try to treat others as I would want them to treat me. It just seems like the right thing to do. so I didn’t reveal some of the personal information about them like email and IP addresses.

The first item below is proof of purchase of our Price Action Manual by both of them. I am not sure what their relationship is to one another, or if they even knew each other previously, but they are obviously in on their scheme together now. They obviously both saw the copyright notices and resale and private use notices, but they still chose to ignore them.

Michael Chin’s purchase of our Materials.
Riley Coleman’s purchase of our Materials.

Now, notice where both were members of our private membership area. Riley was smart enough not to add his photo, but you can see Michael’s picture, so no doubt or confusion as to who these two really are here.

Chin’s Membership, notice his picture he added to his profile.
Riley Coleman’s Membership. He was smart enough not to add his picture.

I added a close up here for a better view, as the thumbnail was not easy to see due to it’s small size. There is No doubting that this is the same Michael Chin that claims to be a futures trading expert over at Dayonetraders.com.

Close up of Chin’s profile picture.

Notice how often Michael Chin was logging into the PATs website and notice the dates as well, so you can see that it was only a few weeks ago that he was a regular user of our materials.

Notice all of chin’s logins to our website and the dates.

I will not bore you by posting a lot of their emails, but I wanted to add one here from Mr. Coleman just to show you he was still looking to me for guidance in late January of this year. Basically up until a few weeks ago both were still very active here with the PATs materials. Riley was studying our materials month’s prior to Michael, although Michael seems to be spearheading their website.

Coleman asking for help. Notice the recent dates.

I really would have liked to have avoided doing this, and I also wanted to avoid taking legal actions. I attempted to do this in an amicable manner first. I asked them nicely by personal email, then asked them nicely by sending a cease and desist request through my lawyer, both of which they chose to ignore.

I do not care about them trying to make a living or even selling things on the Internet. What I care about is them stealing and selling our materials and then charging other unsuspecting customers four times the price. I care about them passing themselves off as futures experts when they are nothing of the sort. Maybe they have become profitable traders, as that is very possible, but they have not traded long enough to be futures experts. You will not see many true futures experts in their age bracket because it takes many years to really become an expert at this. I am still trying to achieve that title myself, and I have been at this for more than 20 years now. It is guys like Michael and Riley that give all the legitimate traders and teachers bad names. It is people like them that give this business a black eye. The two things these guys are good at is theft/plagiarism and Internet Marketing, so I will bestow them with those titles. Anything past that and you can draw your own conclusions.

I hope this now answers all of the questions and emails I am receiving as to who these guy are and if I know about them or if I am affiliated with them. The answer is that I do know about them, but they are absolutely not authorized to teach or sell our materials. At some point, there will be a reckoning for these two, as there will be legal consequences for what they are doing. They had a chance to do the right thing, but I guess charging unsuspecting people almost $400 for someone else’s proprietary materials is just too enticing.

Obviously they realize they have made mistakes, because they have changed the wording on their website over the last few days. I have snap shots of all of their original website pages, so they did not act fast enough to hide it from my lawyers. Ultimately, I want them to cease and desist completely with the selling of our PATs materials. If they want to create a new trading strategy of their own, they can have it, but they will not get away with selling our materials and proprietary information.

Thanks to those of you that pointed this out to me in the beginning, as there are still some honest and honorable people in this world that saw this for what it was and notified me. For anyone else that is searching for information on Dayonetraders.com, I hope this helps you to make an educated and informed decision on whether or not to purchase the PATs materials and our price action trading strategy from those two actors, while also paying four times the cost we sell it for here at priceactiontradingsystem.com.

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Ron Wilkins March 25, 2020 at

What a shame! As soon as I saw one of Chin’s videos, I knew where the techniques really came from. So obvious! I doubt any of them can actually trade or they wouldn’t be setting up these scams. Mack, try not to let it discourage you. You have been a blessing to many people!

charles bratton March 25, 2020 at

These guys should be nailed to the cross. Two bit crooks is what they are.
Mack I wish you the best of luck dealing with these thieves.

Rishi S March 25, 2020 at

I care across a few of Michaels live trading videos and I was like “holy sh*# this is PATs but live trading!” I just thought he was one of the members just showing his live trades (which is awesome I love watching it in action, wish you (Mack) would do them! that would be better to watch!).

A couple days later I was watching PATs youtube chart review and you were talking about him and explained what was going on. Hopefully they go away before they take too many people’s money. Don’t let them discourage you. There are so many people who have benefitted from your teachings. God bless.

dave March 25, 2020 at

These guys should be sued to the fullest extent. They come across as nice guys but they are totally unethical and scammers. Wonder why they are doing this? Everyone on the internet will know about them.

I’ve been watching your youtube videos a long time and you have helped me greatly. Thanks Mack.

Cathena March 26, 2020 at

You have our full support Mack in any way you need. I have been following you for years now and so sincerely appreciate everything you have done for us. You have charged hardly anything while so generously offering us the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. The conduct of these guys is unconscionable.

I would like to suggest that perhaps you could allow us to contribute to a fund that could be used to cover the legal costs associated with stopping these thieves. So many of us have benefited tremendously from your expertise and commitment to us, and you never asked or took anything from us… would appreciate the opportunity to give something back and support the effort to stop such conduct.

imca55 March 26, 2020 at

I can understand how outraged you must be Mack and rightfully so. Please remember that there are many people out here who really appreciate what you sacrifice to teach us your methods on a daily basis.Try not to let a couple of evildoers discourage you from your great work.God will continue to bless you and in the end will deal with these two.

Thank you for all that you do Mack.

Fernie Curiel March 26, 2020 at

WOW!. So glad I didn’t order their course. I’m new to the day trading and wanted to learn from a reliable expert. Still a baby at this but after doing some research, I’ve decided on moving forward with Pats program.

bpaharris March 26, 2020 at

Thanks for all you do Mack. This just further points to the fact that YOU know what you are doing, Cant blame them for trying to copy you, you are genuine and the real deal. Appreciate all your videos that you take time to produce everyday, I know that is a huge commitment on your part but so helpful to so many of us. Thanks for your work and expertise!

Waldean Wall March 29, 2020 at

Please explain the trade-off between going for more points with one contract or going for fewer points with two contracts. Is it more likely – all things considered – to gain $75 dollars with one contract (and less loss risk) or $100 with two contracts (and more loss risk)? Thank you!

Mack March 31, 2020 at

It is easier to get one point than two, three or even more points, so if you want to make more money without adding a lot more risk, you add contracts. It would be much easier to make 100 points trading 100 contracts and scalping one point, than to trade one contract and try and gain 100 points. You may never get the chance to make 100 points in a day in most cases, so it’s almost impossible to do.

Patrick DeLorenzo March 31, 2020 at

Hello, I am not able to find the registration package for $100 You referenced. What should i look for or point me to it. Thank you, Pat D

Mack April 1, 2020 at

Patrick, I am not sure what registration package you are referring to? Please email me if you have not found what you are looking for and I can try and point you in the right direction. If you go to our home page, you can find a link at the top left for the manuals and a link over on the top right under “members area’ for joining the premium members section.

Jason April 3, 2020 at

Thanks for posting this! I was so close to purchasing their material, I am glad I came across your comment on their video.

Doug M April 4, 2020 at

Hey man, i actually found your youtube channel after being referred to it by somebody who had commented on one of Michael’s videos. Your videos are awesome, i plan on watching as many as i can and i also plan on purchasing your e-book soon. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with these two doing that to you, but just wanted to let you know you gained at least one customer from their actions and I appreciate everything I’ve seen from you so far. Take care my friend.

Jeremy April 5, 2020 at

Wow was just considering subscribing to their training as the videos are I have to admit well done – glad I didn’t!! Just bought the Price Action Trader Manual instead and very glad I did. Going through it I definitely see the similarities to their YouTube videos, however the manual is better of course 😉

Great product you have here Mack.

Brian R. April 7, 2020 at

As Doug M. Said above, (If it makes you feel any better), I often get more information from the comment section of youtube videos than the videos themselves, and there were several comments that mentioned you, which was what led me here and the decision to purchase your materials.

Joe D. April 9, 2020 at

I’m so glad that I came across priceactiontradingsystem.com. I’ve watched Michael Chin’s YouTube videos and almost bought the online courses ($400). Phew! I’m looking forward to learning your trading materials.

Nora L. April 10, 2020 at

I almost bought their online course but I wanted to wait for more reviews first due to the high price tag then I kept seeing people mention your name in their free FB group and finally a guy told the truth (of course his post was deleted by Michael and Riley). I am so glad I didn’t buy their course! I mean, if they were really futures experts, I wouldn’t mind paying more but clearly they are not and they are stealing. I don’t want to learn from such people! What a shame – they really come across as good people but you really can’t judge a book from its cover. Mack – I have just purchased your manual and I can’t wait to start learning. Thanks for keeping it affordable and posting daily videos. You have my full support!

Finx April 12, 2020 at

I was abt to buy their courses both of them, but as always I do some research before execution, and I came across this page. It’s frustrating, I’m very disappointed. Shameful.

Doug Erickson April 13, 2020 at

Same here
I found your channel by joining their FB group and saw someone post they stole your material and found you that way. 🙂

Chris April 16, 2020 at

I’m glad you posted this! I also found Riley and Michael’s youtube channels and was close to purchasing their “expert” course. But I searched up “dayonetraders.com review” to see what others had to say about it and found this page. These dirtbags will get theirs. I will be purchasing from you now. Thanks!

Mack April 16, 2020 at

Thanks for your support!

Antony V April 19, 2020 at

Also same. I had no idea that I was even searching for PATS when I started my journey, but at least their plagiarism is funneling more curious minds to your website, or at least the sort of people who are careful to double check things before spending money. I for one am glad that I was able to find you, by whatever route necessary! However, I’m saddened that you have to make extra efforts now with litigation etc. it’s not good to have that stress weighing anybody down. Please don’t let it put you off keeping up this amazing work.

Bijan April 20, 2020 at

Really glad I found this review. Their marketing and videos are good enough to make you almost want to purchase it immediately. But glad I had the thought to see what the forums thought of their work Who knew they would be con artists! Looks like Michael Chin stopped posting videos as of 3 weeks ago. Will be buying your material shortly, thanks man.

KN April 28, 2020 at

Im glad that I found out about this. I’m very beginner and I was looking for something in the internet and I found them and almost bought their service, this is terrible… But Finally I found PATs and I’m def with you. I love your videos and I’m glad that I switched over. I’m getting your manual and it is for my personal use!
All the Best

William Pleis May 4, 2020 at

I bought their course and studied it for a few days. at the end of their lessons there is a place to ask questions about what you just learned and general discussions about the course. someone said that dayonetraders are using pats trading methods and it started a whole lotta discussion. I e-mailed Michael that i really didnt think this was for me as i only trade forex and i only had the course for a few days and didnt even finish it. he did give me my $397 back the next day. they do come across as nice guys but i do not tolerate dishonesty and when i saw pats youtube vids I knew that was the exact method they are using. i e-mailed pat as to what manual i should buy to trade forex and he said the price action manual and I bought it about a week ago and now im a course member. thx Mack

Shaun Abernethy May 5, 2020 at

I was just about to buy their course….I have literally put the credit card details into the form and was about to submit, then a thought crossed my mind to search for reviews again….and I found your website!
I will be purchasing from you very soon…thank you.

Ben May 9, 2020 at

Plagerism is the finest form of flattery 🙂

In all seriousness, I watched a few of their videos, joined their Facebook group etc. It was only recently someone pointed me to this website I discovered the truth! Whilst they may be making some money, may have a “good” yuotube setup etc – you can just pinch someones work and ideas and sell it as your own.

Mack – I’ll be purchasing your course – from its rightful home!

Mack May 9, 2020 at

Thanks, appreciate the support.

Sammy McCaffrey May 10, 2020 at

Mr. Mack. So two very inexperienced newbie traders, pretty good at marketing, took your materials and ideas and successfully marketed it on YouTube? If I were you I would hire them as your top assistants. Bring them into your organization and see what happens.

Maryy May 10, 2020 at

It’s because of these two guys that I chose to buy from you. I was interested in where they learned from because the strategy seemed legit to me, so I wanted to find the source; in my mind you were the master and they the students… why would I want to learn from the students? I’d be pissed if I were you too… this is highly unethical of them, but I’m glad I found you through them!!! Remember… In all things he works together for the good of those that love him!

Marty May 10, 2020 at

I’d contribute to that fund

Mack May 10, 2020 at

I have a much better plan than that for them coming up soon. Thanks for the tip though.

Mitch May 10, 2020 at

Hi Mack , I am glad I came across this review. I am a beginner and still learning about trading and futures. I watched few of the videos of Michael and Riley . And they advertised their site , when I checked it out I thought $400 was bit too much so I did search for a review of their site. I am glad I got to read your reviews and I agree you should definitely sue them. And I will looking through your website Pats and may even purchase it.

Mitch May 10, 2020 at

Reading through all the comments it seems like it may end up benefitting you Mack as most people will end up buying your products instead of theirs. And most of us including me never even heard of you until now. So, that’s not bad.

Jake Hulett May 11, 2020 at

These two guys are both local to my area, Seattle, Wa. I had started watching there videos with some hope that a young guy can study up and do the same things there doing (Mostly Michael). Was considering buying their course, but reditt led me here and now I am going to come straight to you guys with my business.

They have been offline youtube for a bout a month without any videos, not sure if they are dealing with this situation or have been taking a break due to the changing market conditions…

Saif May 12, 2020 at

Hi Mack, I am interested in buying your manuals and other stuff you put up in your website. As a beginner I am not sure what would be best. I have couple of questions before I buy.

Saif May 12, 2020 at

No, its not the market. I bet it’s the lawsuit. Their website is still up though.

Leroy May 19, 2020 at

Mack, I recently came across their YouTube channel, and was immediately impressed with the system they were using. However, I was a bit suspicious of them just based on their age, and reading the comments left by other viewers revealed where they got it from and led me to your channel. While it is wrong for them to steal your intellectual property and post it as their own, at least the silver lining is that it appears to be drawing people to your site who otherwise may not have heard of it. I believe the truth will continue to come out, and they will be exposed as the scammers that they are, as the online trading world appears to be a small one. I will be buying the manual from you!

Mr. Chin and Mr. Eyebrows are a scam May 21, 2020 at

Just clicked on Chin’s video on youtube and it took me less than a minute to find out he’s a scam. As if his and riley’s demeanor isn’t a dead giveaway. It’s sad, pathetic, and stealing intellectual property is straight up illegal . I hope they get what they deserve.

Saif May 27, 2020 at

Hey Mack , bought your Manuel couple weeks ago. Read it once, reading it second time. So far so good . Also thinking about signing up for your premium membership. Does it have videos that explain better. Anyway, I will have some questions soon. Thanks again! Oh, what’s going on with dayonetrader.com. Did you sue them yet? You should ! The website still up and I feel like they pretend to be experts but they are not.

Mack May 28, 2020 at

The premium members section does have additional video lessons that compliment what is taught in the Price Action Manual. I am aware of those guys and they probably will be around for a while yet. You have real day traders and then you have real Internet Marketers. I will let you decide for yourself which category they fall under.

chess May 30, 2020 at

People only care about outcome of making money rather than are they called experts a not. If the followers of michael chin are making money from his sharing, who cares about how michael chin ‘s mentor is. people only looks at 1. whether they can connect to michael chin ‘s teachings and 2. whether they are profitable listening to him a not

Saif May 31, 2020 at

But stealing someone else’s content and posting it as your own to make profit is wrong!

Mack June 3, 2020 at

Chess, I do not disagree with this fact, but it should bother people that Michael Chin stole copyrighted materials and passed them off as his own. That is proprietary theft and shows his true character. His materials are not his trading ideas or strategies. He took what he is teaching directly from our copyrighted manual. If people prefer to learn from someone that steals and plagiarizes others work and then charges three times the cost for it, then that is their right I guess.

dan June 9, 2020 at

Is it straight up copy of the material? or did they add stuff to it? bc honestly there are so many people that learn from their teacher and then go and become teachers themselves… I do not see a problem with that, also their youtube videos seem to be better marketed and also their website seems to be more clean than this website…

However if its a straight up copy and plegarism then make sure you take screenshots of that and sue them… but if its not… what do you expect mack? you are selling shit online, it was bound to happen.. the only way you can kill them is to out comepete them.

inboil June 14, 2020 at

I hope you sue their plagiarizing arses off. They need to compensate you for breach of contract, and you should also get every dime of membership fees they absconded with.

Sebastien June 19, 2020 at

So glad I googled dayonetraders review and found this.

Good luck in your lawsuit, I hope you get repaid for all the stolen business.

I was considering buying their product, hopefully you can use their marketing to bring you more business from SEO of people googling them.

Have a great day

Ezabella June 22, 2020 at

Mack if you’ve already had your eye surgery then we wish you a speedy recovery. If not then we wish you all the best as you prepare for it.

Happy June 24, 2020 at

I’m glad that I googled “dayonetrader reviews”…saved me some money…

Samuel June 29, 2020 at

Hey guys! I am a relatively new trader who loves Jesus, and this truly grieved my heart. I was interested in price action trading after seeing some of Michael’s videos, and could see the value of the information he was providing, so I was contemplating registering for their scalping course. I had not heard of PATs until after searching these guys up, and finding this review! How upsetting. To find the sincerity in the heart of this review however, greatly encouraged my spirit, because of the character you have shown in your actions, Mack. I look forward to hopefully learning from you and the members of this platform!

I encourage you all to pray for these two, that God may show them mercy and grant them repentance, be it before or after worldly justice is served. Thank you all for your hearts

Chad June 29, 2020 at

What this poster and all previous similar posts have said. This is me too. Just looking into futures trading.

Good luck Mack

Cindy July 6, 2020 at

Checkout “byebyemoney” another price action disciple who recently appeared on YouTube with a big flashy bang. He’s more honest and genuine.

Dave August 4, 2020 at

On a bright note, I would not be here if I didn’t come across Michael’s and Riley’s youtube first.

Cory August 11, 2020 at

As a noob, and highly interested in Price Action after watching some of their videos, I was considering their course. But after coming across this, I’ll be purchasing the PAT course. Was wondering why the YouTube videos dropped off the map in March!! Looking forward to linking up with a true expert!

Nastyworks August 16, 2020 at

After you are done suing them Mack, please hire a pro to market your business. You have good material and id love to see it on Amazon!

Michael August 16, 2020 at

I’ve seen Michael and Riley’s youtube videos and quickly became very intrigued. When I found out that they offered a course, I was very excited. And to be honest, I almost purchased their course. But I decided to do some review searching before spending $400, and this is the first thing I read.
I am beyond disappointed but glad that I found the true creators of the content that caught my attention.

gunslinger1 August 29, 2020 at

Hi all
I for one Have to thank them (Michael and Riley) for finding Mack’s price action trading.
I watch all there video and like how they traded. so I googled Price action trading and found Mack’s.
I bought Mack’s manuals.
the reason I did was simple if you look at there videos list on there youtube channel they do it all. Mack does on thing and one thing only (YES I like to do stock options but I do very little if any any more) my focus is the S&P.
My father told me if you do more then one thing. you well be a master of nothing. I had to decide between football or base ball which I wanted to master.
Mack looks like a master to ME
and that’s I want to be.

Aro October 5, 2020 at

If only you could take down Joseph James as well then – he is selling your exact material for 5k. He traded some renko chart first but then switched to exact same as PAT and also did the switches from Volume to Tick exact same as PAT…

Marlon October 15, 2020 at

Hi Mack,

I found Michael and Riley’s channels, being swindled before has taught me to read the reviews first.

A google search lead me to your website. I am glad it did. I will be purchasing your course shortly.

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